This Cat is a Total Chick Magnet [Video]

This Cat is a Chick MagnetOh Internet, you never fail me.

There is really no reason to ever be in a bad mood any more if you have an internet connection and access to YouTube.

One of the best things about that mega-site is the crazy amount of cat people who upload awesome videos for the rest of us cat lovers to go and giggle at. Cats are like the best thing on the planet and you are bound to come across a video of a cat there that will life your spirit.

I came across one today of a cat who is a total chick magnet. I don’t even know how many chicks are cuddled into this kitty, but it’s a lot. I can’t not smile at this video and if you’re having a bad day, give this a watch. Actually, watch it anyway cause it’s adorable.

Click through to watch a video of a cute cat and his chick magnet abilities:

Photo: screenshot from  on YouTube


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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