This Cat is Appalled at Your Lack of Manners

Cat is Angry at You For Walking into the WashroomI admit I can be pretty strict when it comes to bathroom policy.

I don’t care for potty-humor jokes, prefer you do any gas release in private (best to go to the bathroom) and shutting a door when the washroom is occupied is a must.

I acknowledge that there are many who do not feel the say way and have a lot more lax rules when it comes to the same points.

If you know cats, you know that they are creatures of routine and like things to be in order. They won’t enter their litter box if it’s dirty or not to their liking. They prefer to have their box in the same spot with the same type of litter time after time.

And then, there are some cats who have the same idea when it comes to bathroom privacy and manners. This guy, takes that privacy stuff pretty seriously!

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    Where Are Your Manners?
    He is so mad that you're trying to peek at his bathroom habits. Don't you know he's a private person?
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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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