This Has to be the Most Trusting Cat Ever. Or Just Really Lazy [Video]

This Has to be the Most Trusting Cat EverI have grown up with cats all my life and one thing I have learned over the years is they can be very weary of people. Even if you’ve been with them forever and they should trust you, they may not fully.

Another thing I have learned is that they love to sit on everything. You know the phrase “if I fitz, I sitz” — I have found that to be very true for our cat friends and even after having my cats for 16 years, I am surprised by the weird places they will perch their butts.

Then, sometimes you get a perfect combination for a hilarious could-be viral video. You get a cat with an obvious case of ‘cat-itude’ and a big complex of the “if I fitz, I sitz”. Not only that, but this cat has nerves that I know my cats would not have — perhaps they trust their human friends more than my cats do me. One thing I know, my cats … would never do this!

Click through to see a video of a really trusting — or lazy — cat:

disclaimer: there is an inappropriate word for kids that pops up for about 1 second near the end of the video. Not technically a swear word, but weird none-the less. 

Photo credit: screen shot taken from  / YouTube


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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