This Is Why I'll Probably Never Have a Small Dog

dogThere are some things that are worth getting excited about. Sunny weather when you have the day off work. Getting your hands on that last piece of chocolate when you already thought you’d eaten it. A nice time out with your best friend, or a long-awaited movie being better than you thought it was going to be. Those are examples of things that can get me excited, but when it comes to what makes a dog happy — they’re on a whole new level.

For me, excited and happy means a smile — maybe if you’re lucky a big “whoo”, but that’s rare. For dogs, and it seems to be  mostly the smaller dogs, but I’m no expert, their happy reaction seems to be a lot more dizzying. This reaction to happy is one of the big reasons you’ll probably not find me with a small dog in my house — unless my child who has been working on getting a dog finally wins.

In this video uploaded to YouTube by user BrawndoElecrolytes, we see a cute dog named Yoga who is getting way too excited with the idea of finally going outside for a walk.

Do you have a dog that gets so excited he runs in circles?

Photo credit: screenshot from YouTube
Video source:  BrawndoElecrolytes | YouTube; standard YouTube license

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Article Posted 2 years Ago

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