Tiny Tim, the Fat Cat, Didn’t Realize He was on a Diet

Tiny Tim, The Fat Cat, Didn't Realize He was on a DietSo, first off, Tiny Tim is a mean name for a fat cat.  Why would you mock the portly?  Secondly, are you kidding me?!  When you read the Huff Post Weird News report and watch the video, they make it seem like the cat was participating in the diet plan but fell off the wagon.

Tiny Tim was abandoned by his owners last year, right before Christmas.  At that time he weighted 36 pounds (he should weight 12-14 lbs).  Since then he has been cared for at Southside Place Animal Hospital, in Texas.  Tiny got down to 28.6 pounds, but plateaued despite his restricted-calorie diet.  Doctors were stumped.

Before I tell you how the mystery was solved, let me just say poor Tiny Tim was being kept in a food pantry.  Yes, a cat who was on a diet was kept in a small room, surrounded by food.  That is so not right.  I bet you are now starting to figure out what happened.  Yes, that is correct, Tiny chewed a hole through a bag of food and was enjoying night time snacks.  I am sure Tim didn’t know he wasn’t supposed to.

Never worry, in addition to Tiny’s 50-foot walks every day, the staff has moved the food to higher shelves, so Tiny Tim can’t reach.  Again, that seem mean to me.  How about move Tiny Tim to a different room away from temptation?  Of course the motivation to be able to jump up high enough to reach the food may be all Tiny needs.

You can read more about Tiny Tim, and keep track of his progress Southside Place Animal Hospital’s website.

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