Top 5 Least Trendy Cat Names

I have, more than once, wondered why certain pets have been given the names they have. I also find my mind going to the ‘what the heck does this cat actually think of their name’ when I hear of someone naming their cat some silly name (like Sir-Licks-a-Lot).

We get a lot more play and sway when it comes to naming our pets verses naming our child, but with some of the names that have been given, their cats don’t stand a chance to be the ‘cool one ‘ in the neighbourhood (you know, in case cats really talk to each other about such things).

Gone are the days of the cutsey-only-for-a-pets names — and good riddance in my opinion.

Click through to read the top 5 least trendy cat names of 2011:

  • #5 1 of 5
    Male: Merlin
    Female: Snowball
    Snowball has to be one of my most-hated names for a cat.
    Photo credit: hosted on Imgur
  • #4 2 of 5
    Male: Bubba
    Female: Samantha
    You know he looks at you every time you call him, Hey, Buuuubbba!
    Photo credit: hosted on Imgur
  • #3 3 of 5
    Male: Baxter
    Female: Tigger
    Tigger was probably a very popular name for all pets when the whole Winnie the Pooh thing was hot. Now, not so much.
    Photo credit: hosted on Imgur
  • #2 4 of 5
    Male: Salem
    Female: Sabrina
    How many black cats do you think have been donned with these monikers? Too many probably.
    Photo credit: hosted on Imgur
  • #1 Least Trendy Cat Name 5 of 5
    #1 Least Trendy Cat Name
    Male: Bailey
    Female: Katie
    I am actually surprised by these ones. If you look at the top trendiest, most are human-approved names.
    Photo credit: hosted on Imgur

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