Top 10 Pet Names of 2013

I just had my 4th child, and one of my favorite things about new babies is deciding on their new name. Generally, we spend a lot of time thinking of perfect name for our child, but you know what? The same is true when we talk about our pets.

In 2013, we welcomed two new cats into our house, and we had the opportunity to choose their names. Since they were both adopted from the Humane Society, they came with their own names given to them by the shelter. For Ariel, we kept her name because funny enough, it fit perfectly and had meaning for the whole family. But we changed Gmork’s name, which was Sam at the shelter.

I love names that are a little unusual for both people and pets. And just like baby names, there are pet names that are quite common and seem to be the most popular year after year. Veterinary Pet Insurance, one of the nation’s largest providers of pet health insurance, compiled a list of the most popular pet names of 2013 using their database of more than 500,000 insured pets and their names.

So… did your pet’s name make the Top 10? (Don’t forget to check out the full list at Veterinary Pet Insurance!)

  • Most Popular Pet Names of 2013 1 of 11

    Is your pet's name on the list this year?

  • #5 For Dogs – Molly 2 of 11

    I know a few dogs who have the name Molly, and it's usually the larger, more aggressive-looking dogs. A good juxtapose!

  • #4 For Dogs – Lucy 3 of 11

    I think that this is such a sweet and classic name for both people and pets. I am a big fan of the people names for pets, so this would be a good pick for our future pets.

  • #3 For Dogs – Bailey 4 of 11

    I have a few friends who have named their dog, Bailey. I wonder if the trend will go up for baby names as well since that's the name of the new baby on Grey's Anatomy!

  • #2 For Dogs — Max 5 of 11

    It seems that so many celebrities have been naming their boys Max! Do you think that this might be our way of trying to steal a little of their spotlight? 😉

  • #1 For Dogs – Bella 6 of 11

    Bella has been a top name for dogs for a few years, and this trend seems to be continuing!

  • #5 For Cats — Lucy 7 of 11

    Lucy is also a name on the popular dogs list, but it's one spot lower for our feline friends.

  • #4 For Cats — Oliver 8 of 11

    I imagine Oliver being a cuddly, orange kitten.

  • #3 For Cats — Chloe 9 of 11

    This is such a soap opera type name to me, full of class and mystery. It's the perfect name for a cat.

  • #2 For Cats — Max 10 of 11

    This name also holds the second spot for dogs as well and it has been on the popular list for pets for a while.

  • #1 For Cats — Bella 11 of 11

    Are you surprised to see this name here too? It seems like it doesn't matter if you're a dog or a cat owner! These names stick!

Want to see who made the full top ten? Click over to Veterinary Pet Insurance for the whole list.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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