Top 10 Wackiest Dog Names of 2013

When it comes to names for pets, I am on the side of “normal names” for dogs and cats. I know that there are others who would feel weird when someone’s dog’s name is “Bob” or cat’s name is “Marcus,” but those to me sound like far more suitable names than some of the more creative ones we hear for our pets.

One of the nation’s largest largest providers of pet health insurance, Veterinary Pet Insurance Co. (VPI), compiles a list each year of the strangest and wackiest pet names. Through a selection process, 50 unusual dog names and 50 unusual cat names are chosen from VPI’s database of more than 500,000 insured pets.

“With a database of more than half a million insured pets, we came across some extremely peculiar dog and cat names. After speaking with the pet owners from our Top Ten lists, we found that there is a special meaning and story behind unusual monikers,” said Curtis Steinhoff, director of corporate communications for VPI.

Have a look through the top 10 wackiest dog names of 2013 according to VPI’s large database and selection process.

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    According to VPI's large database, these dogs' names made the top 10 for strange and wacky. 

  • #10 Bunny Money Dogg 2 of 11

    Rounding out the top ten of the most wacky dog names is Bunny Money Dogg. This long-haired miniature dachshund got his name from Miyuki Kodama of New York City who was thinking of naming him Funk, but Bunny had different plans. Miyuki explains, I was going to give her the name 'Funk' or 'Funky,' but she used to hop like a bunny rabbit when she was a puppy, so I decided to give her the first name 'Bunny' instead." The second part of his names comes straight from his personality which is more in sync with a larger, tougher dog despite his mini size. 

    Photo credit: image used with permission from VPI Pet Insurance

  • #9 Potato Chip 3 of 11

    When I hear potato chip, I get hungry for the salty, crunchy treat, but when this dog hears it, he comes running. His unusual name comes from owner Johanna Bruner of West Hollywood, Calif who gave her Boston terrier this unique name. However, the name was inspired by Potato Chips' family, "Potato Chip's father's name was Bo Joe King Frito Lay," explained Johanna. "We thought, being the offspring of Frito Lay makes her a Potato Chip. We call her P.C. for short and I can't imagine her with any other name." They have a second Boston terrier in their family who is named Popcorn too. 

    Photo credit: image used with permission from VPI Pet Insurance

  • #8 Ice Bingbing 4 of 11

    Ice's cool demeanor in this photo and you must know that name totally fits, even though it's a bit odd. Nancy Chiu-Yu of Fresh Meadows, N.Y chose this unusual name for their Pomeranian inspired by their heritage and her daughter, My daughter was born in December and she likes a white, snowy feeling," explained Nancy. "Ice Bingbing was all white when we first got her so the name fit perfectly. We are Chinese, and Bing Bing is a common name for little girls in our culture. It means clean, crystal, smart, etc. So, we decided to call her Ice Bingbing to be different from others and it sounds cool, too."

    Photo credit: image used with permission from VPI Pet Insurance

  • #7 Hunk Heartbreaker 5 of 11

    Just look at Hunk's sweet eyes and tilted head and you can take a guess where he gets his name from. Carla Cameron of Aurora, Ill. knew that she wanted a name that started with the letter "H" and after she got to know Hunk for just a short while, the name came to her, "As he sat in the passenger seat, he started to cry and crawled over the console to my lap," explained Carla. "He just looked up at me and clung to my chest and then quieted down. He melted my heart. I knew that Heartbreaker was the perfect fit to complete his name."

    Photo credit: image used with permission from VPI Pet Insurance

  • #6 Dallas Cowdog 6 of 11

    This sounds like a family who loves sports and as it seems, I am right. Nancy Sherrard of Plano, Texas said, "When I brought Dallas home, my husband asked what his name was going to be," explained Nancy. "I told him Dallas. My husband asked if he would be named Dallas Cowboy. I huffed and told him he would be named Dallas Cowdog. After all, he is a dog."

    Photo credit: image used with permission from VPI Pet Insurance

  • #5 Taco Salad 7 of 11

    When I think of taco salad, I think of a great dinner, not a dog. Apparently Taco Salad being a Chihuahua was a big reason for his name.  His owner Maria Struck of Neenah, Wis. explained that she and her family settled on the name because of the breed's Mexican heritage. They eventually settled on Taco Salad and are pleased with the positive reactions the get from people. 

    Photo credit: image used with permission from VPI Pet Insurance

  • #4 Stinky Monkey 8 of 11

    I think this is kind of a sad name to give a dog and as it seems, that's one reason for his name. Owner Nina Henley of Coram, N.Y. explains, "When I saw him I said, 'You don't look like a puppy, you look like a stinky little monkey,' and with that, the shivering little ball of fur went nuts jumping and wagging his tail. His response was so extreme that I knew that was the perfect name."

    Photo credit: image used with permission from VPI Pet Insurance

  • #3 Captain Underpants 9 of 11

    Not the kindest of names, but totally wacky, Captain Underpants get his name from his goofy and spunky personality. Since owner Allison Manderino of Charles Town, Va, couldn't come up with a name, she asked for help, "My brother is very creative, and silly just like the dog," explained Allison. "I asked what I should name this crazy dog and he laughed and suggested Captain Underpants. Of course he was joking. To his surprise, I said, 'I like it. We'll go with that.' "

    Photo credit: image used with permission from VPI Pet Insurance

  • #2 Hot Rod Whoofington 10 of 11

    This name is totally fitting for a dog with and this dog carries the name well. HotRod's owner, Mary said this of his name, "HotRod's full name is, The Honorable Benjamin William HotRod Whoofington. He is named, in part, after my son-in-law, Benjamin William, whom is a man of impeccable character and is a legal professional. I name my dogs after those I respect and value most in life. The HotRod Whoofington portion of his name emerged from his racy, aristocratic, most adorable nature. He was born to be known as, The Honorable Benjamin William HotRod Whoofington. None other would fit."

    Photo credit: image used with permission from VPI Pet Insurance

  • #1 Sir Knuckes da Dragon 11 of 11

    Taking the top spot for wackiest pet name is Sir Knuckles da Dragon. When VPI asked what brought on this unique and wacky name, owner Jeffrey Un of Lynnwood, Washington said, "A friend suggested Knuckles, which was fitting because of his oversized paws," explained Jeffrey. "But he still needed that gentleman's name so I added Sir to his name. Sir Knuckles just sounded odd to me so I added da Dragon. Lo and behold, Sir Knuckles da Dragon fits him perfectly."

    Photo credit: image used with permission from VPI Pet Insurance

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