Top 11 Best Pics of the Crazy Cat Lady Meme (Photos)

Fact: I’m exactly one stray cat away from being a Crazy Cat Lady.

It’s not that I have that many cats; I only have two. But I’m awfully close to shuffling around the neighborhood in a bathrobe and slippers with unbrushed hair and a cat under each arm, hollering at kids to get off my lawn.

And the reality is that without the crazy cat ladies of the world, the entire system of cat adoption and cat fostering would fall apart.

So it’s with all due respect and love that I present the 11 best images of the Crazy Cat Lady meme.

  • The UPS guy really hates these packages 1 of 11
    Makes the delivery van so noisy.

    (Photo Credit: DudeLOL)
  • Some assembly required. 2 of 11
    Ugh. Took forever -- cats kept taking that special little Allen wrench.

    (Photo Credit: Terribly Cute)
  • For the most organized crazy cat lady. 3 of 11
    If Martha Stewart was a crazy cat lady.

    (Photo Credit: Stupid Funny Pics)
  • Stick figure car decals are not just for humans. 4 of 11
    File under: slightly disturbing.

    (Photo Credit: Fugly)
  • Poor Crazy Cat Man. 5 of 11
    Always the bridesmaid, never the bride.

    (Photo Credit: Cat and Caboodle)
  • Crazy Cat Lady has a sewing machine, apparently. 6 of 11
    I totally want to party with these guys.

    (Photo Credit: Cheezburger)
  • Oh, that’s my favorite episode! 7 of 11
    The look on Ty Pennington's face was priceless.

    (Photo Credit: Urlesque)
  • So much better than taking all that Benadryl. 8 of 11
    It's nice to know Crazy Cat Ladies aren't a recent invention.

    (Photo Credit: Historic LOLs)
  • We can haz crazy lady nao? 9 of 11
    These cuties are just looking for their very own Crazy Cat Lady to love.

    (Photo Credit: Imgur)
  • I’m not sure what’s going on here… 10 of 11
    ...but I totally wish I was there.

    (Photo Credit: Cheezburgers)
  • Not actually a photo of me. 11 of 11
    Might as well be.

    (Photo Credit: DIY lol)

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