Top 5 Trendiest Cat Names

post imageEveryone loves to chime in on their favorite baby names and the lists are endless over what is the new ‘it’ name for kids. Many of us take the same care and thought when deciding what to name our furry babies as well. compiled together a list of the top 10 most trendy names for our pets in 2011. Personally, I was surprised to see so many ‘human’ names on the list — it was a good surprise though. Some of them even mirror the most popular names for babies in the same year.

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  • #5 1 of 5
    Male: Henry
    Female: Lulu
    She would be so proud to be called Lulu
    Photo credit: hosted on Imgur
  • #4 2 of 5
    Male: Loki
    Female: Zoey
    A popular female name perfect for the 'hipsters'
    Photo credit: hosted on Imgur
  • #3 3 of 5
    Male: Louie
    Female: Izzy
    There is something about a manly name like 'Louie' that makes this cat even cuter.
    Photo credit: hosted on Imgur
  • #2 4 of 5
    Male: Cooper
    Female: Stella
    I love both of these names -- for child and pet.
    Photo credit: hosted on Imgur
  • #1 Trendiest Name of 2011 5 of 5
    #1 Trendiest Name of 2011
    Male: Dexter
    Female: Lola
    Since you can't really call your child Dexter now thanks to a popular tv show, it's totally adorable for a cat!
    Photo credit: hosted on Imgur

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