Totally Random Names for 16 Spectacular Animals

Ever since my husband and I met (17 years ago) we have always had an affinity for names. People with great names, pets with great names – we love this stuff. We also like to name things, real and imaginary. Yes, we are weirdos. When my husband recently told me what he would name an armadillo or an ocelot, I found his suggestions to be amazing. I thought the ensuing conversation and subsequent suggestions needed to preserved for posterity. So I now present to you, completely random names for 16 spectacular animals (generated by me and my husband).

  • Let’s get started. 1 of 11

    Let's get started!

  • The Narwhale 2 of 11


    Why? Because everyone would want to call him "Pointiest" and then you could correct them.

  • The Ocelot 3 of 11

    It's so easy: Beyoncelot.


  • Penguins 4 of 11

    Either Jeeves or Mrs. Potts. You could also go with Mr. Carson.  Because penguins connote service.

  • The Armadillo 5 of 11

    Armand, because obviously.


  • The Hermit Crab 6 of 11

    John Houseman.

  • The Wolverine 7 of 11

    If male, there is only one option and that's Bo.

    If female, Dawn. Obviously Dawn.

  • The Adorable Lemur 8 of 11

    Either Lee Majors or Lee Remick.

  • The Goldfish 9 of 11

    Abe Vigoda.

  • The Mini Horse 10 of 11

    El Guapo.

  • The Domestic Feline 11 of 11

    You will name her Dr. Jill Biden and only ever call her by her full name and title because of the respect.

These photos are all courtesy of Wikipedia.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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