“True Facts About The Tarsier” Will Crack You Up

tarsierDo you even know what a Tarsier is? Because I didn’t. BUT NOW I DO and I love them.

This little guys is a teeny little mammal with ginormous eyeballs. He is equal parts adorable and freaky deaky. This hilarious video is part of a series by Buzzfeed. I ended up spending about half an hour watching all of them. I also really liked the one about the sloths (another creature I find both cute and slightly disturbing – those claws… ::shiver::).

Just a quick warning, your kids will want to watch this video with you. I would send them to go to the potty so you can watch it once all the way through without them. There are some language issues – so be aware of that.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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