Turns Out Cat Traps Really Do Work

cat trapThere has been a long-standing agreement that cats love their cardboard boxes. We call them “cat traps” because for whatever reason, an open and empty cardboard box to a cat means, “I must sit there”. I don’t understand it and not sure we ever will unless we can get a direct, English answer from a cat so it’s just a mystery now.

There’s a funny meme (that you can see here on ICanHasCheeseburger) where multiple open and empty cardboard boxes are laid outside and of course, random cats have made their way to them and are sitting happily. I find it so funny, but before a few weeks ago I didn’t really get it. I’ve had cats my whole life and my older cats who passed away earlier this year never cared for the “if I fit, I sit” typical cat philosophy and certainly paid no attention to cardboard boxes.

Ariel changed all that for me in one moment. We had an empty, shallow cardboard box that my husband had to carry in some beer he got at the store. He put all the bottles into our fridge and placed the bottom box on the floor for a moment. In like one second, Ariel had made her way to the box and proudly sat in it.

From then on, no matter where we placed the box — could be in the middle of the room, safely on the table — anywhere, the moment we turned our back, Ariel had found home inside it again.

I have my own personal proof now that these “cat traps” really do work.

Photo credit: © Devan McGuinness | Instagram

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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