Twelve Dogs Rocking The Rain: Let This Be An Example, Human Adults

dogsrainPersonally, I don’t mind the rain. I think that must be hereditary because the other day when I told my daughter to put on her jacket she replied “I like it best when rain goes on my head.”

But in our home town of Los Angeles most people freak theĀ freaking freak out when it rains. Everyone goes all hackles up, acting like they’ve never seen rain before. And I’m not sure why. It’s not like when it rains in New York City and you can’t escape it and you end up soaked. LA rain should be totally tolerable because everyone is indoors anyway. But it’s not. It’s like the zombie apocalypse has descended from the Hollywood Hills.

So, in the spirit of reminding everyone what a good time rain can be, here are twelve dogs doing what they do best…enjoying life with reckless abandon, and setting an example for the rest of us.

  • Poker Face 1 of 12
    Poker Face
    "Buried something? What makes you think I buried something?"

    {photo source: iStockPhotos}

  • Ain’t No Thang. 2 of 12
    Ain't No Thang.
    Mud? What mud? (Pro Tip, if you live in a rainy area and struggle with dog tracks, we're big fans of this mat.)

    {photo source: iStockPhotos}

  • This Guy’s Got The FRIENDS Move down. 3 of 12
    This Guy's Got The FRIENDS Move down.
    If you don't know what I'm talking about, it's because I'm officially old now. {photo source: iStockPhotos}
  • Chihuahua In A Raincoat 4 of 12
    Chihuahua In A Raincoat
    That captions itself. {photo source: iStockPhotos}
  • Riding In Style 5 of 12
    Riding In Style
    Screw the rickshaw. {photo source: iStockPhotos}
  • Thinking Spot 6 of 12
    Thinking Spot
    Rainy days are EXCELLENT for staring out windows. {photo source: iStockPhotos}
  • Puddle Sitting 7 of 12
    Puddle Sitting
    Jumping is for suckers. {photo source: iStockPhotos}
  • Say It Loud Say It Proud 8 of 12
    Say It Loud Say It Proud
    Fur was made to wear in the rain. {photo source: iStockPhotos}
  • Plotting His Escape 9 of 12
    Plotting His Escape
    The next time someone comes through that door... {photo source: iStockPhotos}
  • It’s The Ears. 10 of 12
    It's The Ears.
    They make him seem content just watching the rain. {photo source: iStockPhotos}
  • Beard 11 of 12
    What's cuter than a labradoodle? A wet labradoodle. {photo source: iStockPhotos}
  • The Best Part About Rainy Days 12 of 12
    The Best Part About Rainy Days
    This. {photo source: iStockPhotos}


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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