Underwater Dogs: Stunning Must See Photos


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See, why I love to swim!

If you’ve ever seen a dog jumping into water to have a good swim, you’ve undoubtedly witnessed the joy that water can bring to a dog. But odds are that you’ve never really viewed the adorable expressions they can make from underwater.

And that’s precisely one of the reasons that photographer Seth Casteel aimed to capture his subjects when he shot a series of dogs from underwater. What he captured with his underwater camera is simply astounding.

As he told Huffington Post,when it comes to dogs, it’s all about instincts, “Over the course of several thousands of years, we’ve taken wolves and made them Boston terriers. But still, at the heart of it, dogs have wild instincts. For me, it’s all about seeing those wild instincts come through underwater. They’re getting back to being wild. They really love being wild. And under water, they have the best chance of doing that. Whether it’s silly, whether it’s focused, whether it’s terrifying. You see that underwater.”

Casteel now has a book of photography slated to come out this October, entitled Underwater Dogs.

  • Surprise 1 of 17
    This brings a whole new meaning to bug-eyed.
    Image: Seth Casteel
  • Eyes Wide Open 2 of 17
    Eyes Wide Open
    Determined to get that matter what
    Image: Seth Casteel
  • Play ball! 3 of 17
    Play ball!
    So that's what happens when you toss a ball in a pool
    Image: Seth Casteel
  • Move over Michael Phelps 4 of 17
    Move over Michael Phelps
    This lil fella can swim!
    Image: Seth Casteel
  • Say Cheese 5 of 17
    Say Cheese
    Um, could she be posing?
    Image: Seth Casteel
  • Funny face 6 of 17
    Funny face
    This flat faced pooch has a style of his own.
    Image: Seth Casteel
  • Yikes! 7 of 17
    Those are some sharp ones!
    Image: Seth Casteel
  • Sweet Still 8 of 17
    Sweet Still
    Beautiful still photo of a tender pooch
    Image: Seth Casteel
  • Smile 9 of 17
    In many of these pictured pups, it looks as though they are smiling when they hit the water.
    Image: Seth Casteel
  • Not Giving Up 10 of 17
    Not Giving Up
    This time in candid color
    Image: Seth Casteel
  • Doggie Paddle 11 of 17
    Doggie Paddle
    The little paws are too cute
    Image: Seth Casteel
  • Happy Face 12 of 17
    Happy Face
    Close-up shot
    Image: Seth Casteel
  • Say What? 13 of 17
    Say What?
    There just must be a ball somewhere in there.
    Image: Seth Casteel
  • Bigfoot 14 of 17
    Jumping right into the swing of things
    Image: Seth Casteel
  • Frisbee time 15 of 17
    Frisbee time
    Who says frisbee rings aren't water toys?
    Image: Seth Casteel
  • Competition 16 of 17
    Two pups, one swimmer wins
    Image: Seth Casteel
  • Labs Love Water 17 of 17
    Labs Love Water
    Casteel has a Lab of his own.
    Image: Seth Casteel

Image: Seth Casteel

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