Up On The Woof: Pictures Of Dogs Hanging Out On Rooftops

Dude, I think I can see France from up here…

On the roof, it’s peaceful as can be
And there the world below can’t bother me

— The Drifters (‘Up On The Roof‘)

Summer’s almost here and with it comes roof life.

There really is nothing quite like watching the vibrant pulse of a city at night from a rooftop. And try sitting on a roof  watching people passing by down below on a sultry evening and tell me it isn’t one of the greatest things in the land.

Crawling out on to a roof for a little peace and quiet, for a little ‘me-time’, is a time-honored tradition, and roof sitting has been something people have been doing since some caveman had the idea to watch the sun go down from on top of a tall stone 8 gillion years ago.

But, the thing is, people are aren’t the only ones that are way way into it.

Oh no.

In case you haven’t noticed by now, there are a whole lot of dogs who love roof life as well.

I absolutely love seeing dogs perched up high above me on some rooftop, watching me going on by. I dig knowing that down here in the street, we are being scrutinized and observed by the greatest judges on Earth. So, I have decided to pay tribute to the universal joy that is the happy dog up on the roof.

Just looking at pics of these buggers makes me smile.

Hope it does the same for you…

  • Up On The Roof 1 of 17
    Up On The Roof
    Dogs need a break just like the rest of us do. And what better place to get away from the hustle and bustle of life than climbing out on the roof?
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  • Hello Down There! 2 of 17
    Hello Down There!
    Most dogs absolutely love to watch the world go by. Some like to bark down their greetings or opinions at passers-by. Others opt to just observe. Either way, rooftops offer them the perfect perch to do it.
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  • I Should Have Been A Gargoyle 3 of 17
    I Should Have Been A Gargoyle
    Sometimes, roof dogs strike such steady rigid poses that they almost seem like the stone gargoyles that guard old libraries and bank buildings. I love that!
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  • The Eye In The Sky 4 of 17
    The Eye In The Sky
    It's intriguing to wonder what dogs are thinking about when they are up above us looking down. It's almost like they are playing God for a little while, resting in their throne in the clouds and observing the entire world below.
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  • Bird Dogs 5 of 17
    Bird Dogs
    At times, you might come across a bunch of dogs out on the same rooftop. I find that so cool. It's almost as if they are a flock of big hairy pigeons eyeballing us from a telephone wire.
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  • Balancing Act 6 of 17
    Balancing Act
    Of course, some pooches prefer to make a little sport of the whole rooftop thing. This guy is playing King Of The Mountain, teetering on his peak up in the clouds.
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  • Skyscraper 7 of 17
    It's one thing to see a dog up on a house roof, but it's a whole other breathtaking image when we spot one on the top of a really tall building. I hope this fella knows that their are some strict limits to his game of fetch!
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  • Gotcha! 8 of 17
    This poor guys is clinging to the wrong kind of roof! The 70 mph kind! Okay okay, he's actually on the dashboard of the car here, but I liked the trickery of this picture so much that I wanted you to see it.
    Photo Credit:
  • Table For Two, Sir? 9 of 17
    Table For Two, Sir?
    When a dog occupies the roof of a business, it's like good free advertising in my book. It's like saying,"Hey look, this joint has a husky for a maitre de." And who wouldn't want to visit a place like that?
    Photo Credit:
  • Lucky Dog 10 of 17
    Lucky Dog
    Some pups have all the luck. For every dog that gets to sit on a roof overlooking a cul-de-sac or a boring parking lot, there are always one or two who manage to finagle their way into an ocean front view of paradise. Life is especially good for that bunch.
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  • The Next Best Thing 11 of 17
    The Next Best Thing
    Sadly, some dogs live their lives in places where they don't have access to a roof. Still, the smart ones find a way to make things happen. This dude might not have a an actual rooftop, but he'll be darned if he's going to let that stop him from watching the world go by!
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  • Pssst…Up Here! 12 of 17
    Pssst...Up Here!
    Dogs on roofs seem to really enjoy being spotted by people below them. I like to watch them notice that I notice them. They appear proud to be up there. And sometimes, they seem to be saying," Bet ya wish you were up here too, huh??!!"
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  • The Solitude Kid 13 of 17
    The Solitude Kid
    There is something about a dog on the top of a building that makes us think of quiet contemplation. Seeing our four-legged friends just chilling on high kind of inspires me to make some time for myself when I can just watch life wandering on by.
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  • Siesta 14 of 17
    No doubt about it, rooftops also offer dogs a great place to take a little nap in the sunshine. I mean, a pup can only do so much watching and guarding in an afternoon.
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  • Universal Chillin’ 15 of 17
    Universal Chillin'
    Something so cool about dogs is that no matter where they live, no matter what cultures or countries they belong to, they are all still pretty much the same. Greece, Nigeria, California, the North Pole....give a roof dog a roof and he's gonna want to sit out there, no matter where in this great big world it might be.
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  • A Roof Of My Own 16 of 17
    A Roof Of My Own
    Obviously, for a lot of dogs, the best roof in the universe is the one that covers their dog house. I call taking this kind of break: 'Pullin' A Snoopy'.
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  • Every Roof Deserves A Buddy 17 of 17
    Every Roof Deserves A Buddy
    Sometimes there are no dogs to get out on a particular roof and I feel sad for those perches. Luckily, there are ways to give each and every lonesome rooftop the friendship it deserves...
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