Valentines From Your Pet, How Pets Say I Love You

It is the season for Valentines! We tend to tell our pets that we love them all the time, but do you know how often your pet returns the sentiment? Here are ten ways that your pets tell you that they love you.

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1. Licking and Grooming Mother animals groom their babies in order to take care of them, and animals who live together will often do the same to each other. So it follows that when your pet starts licking you, it too is a sign of caring. So those “kisses” really do mean something!

2. Scent Marking Cats rub on things to mark them as their territory. So “Be Mine” really is a quite literal meaning when your cat starts rubbing on your leg. Cats also mark territory by spraying. You would likely not wish to be marked this way, but to your cat it is another sign that you are meaningful!

3. The Slow Blink When cats slowly blink at you, it is a sign of trust and affection. If you do it to your cat, they will often say, “I love you!” back by returning the blink. I used to do that with my cats all the time.

4. Purring A cat’s purr means that she is content and comfortable with you. She likes you and enjoys your attention!

5. Gifts of Food Cats will sometimes bring home a dead mouse or other animal as a gift. It is a sign that the cat feels safe and secure with you. Who needs Valentine’s Day flowers when you can have a dead rodent instead?

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6. Tail Wagging Dogs wag their tails for all sorts of reasons. A loose and relaxed wag means your dog is content and happy to see you. My corgis don’t have tails, but I know from their happy smiles and butt shaking when they are excited to see me. That is one of the best ways to know that you are loved.

7. Following You Pets follow those who they want to be with. It is a sign of love and devotion.

8. Jumping Jumping on people is something we often discourage in pets, but your dog jumps on you out of excitement to see you. If he is big he might bowl you over with love!

9. Leaning on You Dogs lean on people to show their bond with them. It gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “lean on me!”

10. Smiling Dogs smile, and I can always tell when my corgis are extra happy because their normally happy look gets even bigger and brighter. When your dog smiles at you as you walk in the door, you know that you were missed.

This Valentine’s Day watch for these signs of affection from your pets and be sure to return their thoughts of love with lots of hugs, kisses, petting, and attention. Or give them bacon roses. That would likely go over very well too!

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Happy Valentines Day!

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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