Vet House Calls On The Rise

Vet House Calls On The Rise via Babble
Sometimes a vet coming to your house is so much easier on you, and less stressful on your dog.

I used to have a dog that could sense a trip to the vet from a mile away. She would tell immediately upon leaving our house that we were en route and drag behind not wanting to go. She had a sixth sense when it came to a doc visit. As a Rottweiler, she was quite large, so it became a struggle to actually get her to the vet’s office. And that was in good weather. If it was raining or very cold, it made the trip worse.

I know I’m not alone because I’ve met many people whose dogs have this sixth sense about vet visits. So it’s a great idea when vets make good old-fashioned house calls. In fact, according to a recent article on VetStreet, it looks like vet house calls are on the rise.

Some animals become so terrified about going to the vet that they need to be tranquilized. Others have busy owners who just prefer to have a vet come to them.  In addition, when you have multiple pets, it’s a huge convenience rather than bringing each pet to the vet. And when you live in a big city city like New York, where many residents don’t need to own cars, finding a car service who will allow a doggie passenger is a feat in itself.

Dr. Lisa Beagan, the Mobile Pet Vet, points out that there is “no waiting, driving, loading or getting hot and cranky for kids or pets.” She says:

“For a lot of animals, it’s stressful to go into a strange hospital with all kinds of smells. Cats and dogs are so smell-sensitive, it’s like getting bombarded with a kaleidoscope of colors. At home, they don’t realize they are having an exam or shots.”

Vets in turn like being able to go to a pet’s home because they can see how the animal behaves in his own environment, as well as get a glimpse at what the owners feed their pet, how they interact, and where they sleep.

Dr. Margarita Abalos, a Los Angeles, California, vet explains that house visits have helped her recognize problematic behavior in owners. “I had a client who, bless her, had these fat, fat cats. I had been at her for years to deal with their weight. She kept saying they were only getting a certain measured amount of food each day. There were bowls of food everywhere. I caught her red-handed.”

Would you prefer a vet who makes house calls?


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