Video that Shows Why Cats Will Lead the Crusade to Take Over the World from Us

I think this cat is giving us the finger. That’s not a good sign.

There is the common thought that cats are not amused by us and our antics.  Well, I can tell you this, when this video gets back to whomever is the head of the Cat Union,  there’s going to be a problem.  I can just see it now…a big meeting of cats where the leader says “Oh, it’s on.”

This compilation is like the cat version of America’s Funniest Videos where people take videos of their children’s mishaps.  You know you shouldn’t laugh (and you hope/assume no one got hurt), but you just can’t help it.

There are several jumps here where the cats clearly have no idea about their actual jumping ability.  Also, cats who get surprised, and proof  (like you needed any) that cats do not enjoy finding themselves unexpectedly in water.

For your own safety, I recommend watching this video nowhere where your cat might happen to come in and see it too.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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