Viral Video Of The Week: Dog Pees Art While Levitating! (VIDEO)


Watch out, Banksy. There is a new street artist on the rise.

Meet Chester, a founder and master of a brand new street art form that can only really be described as the ‘Pee’Pee’ school.

Now, I’ve seen a lot of dogs do their thing in my time, as any dog person has, but Chester takes the cake as far as originality and dexterity are concerned.

And trust me when I say that.

For the better part of a full minute and change, the tiny¬†chihuahua¬†manages to walk along a curb and spray his “paint” in a fashionable zig-zagging pattern… all while elevating his ENTIRE back end.

It’s pretty difficult to put into words, mostly because the written language simply cannot do the same justice that this actual video does. Like they say, seeing is believing, especially when it comes to Chester.

Of course, there must be a reason why this guy does his #1’s with such extraordinary arty flair, but thus far, it seems that most art circles and magicians have failed to pinpoint what that might be.

In my mind, Chester is both a clean-freak AND a visionary; he’s a fellow who simply hates to get any drips or drabs on his elegant coat yet thoroughly enjoys the attention that his unique style of graffiti brings him. So, he recognizes that he has found his niche.

And he’s right, too, because I watched him do it like ten times this morning. And you’re about to do the same.

Nice one, Chester!


Video: YouTube/maxnate69


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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