Wackiest Dog Names of 2012

Wackiest Dog Names of 2012 via Babble
You're naming me what?

What’s the wackiest dog names you’ve ever heard of?

Our dog, a female black Lab is named Django. My husband named her after the lead cowboy in the popular Italian spaghetti westerns. Incidentally, there is a movie coming out soon called Django Unleashed starring Jamie Fox, and I’m sure when that movie hits, people will assume that we named our pup after that.

And of course, when we say Django, people assume (rightfully so) that she is a male.

When I fell in love with her at North Shore Animal League, I couldn’t care less what we named her. I just wanted her.

While the name Django is odd, it’s nowhere near as creative or zany as the top wackiest names as compiled by

Veterinary Pet Insurance’s database of more than 485,000 insured pets.

Here are the top 10:

1. Chew Barka

2. Nigel Nosewhistle

3. Sir Maui Senqkey Schwykle

4. Spark Pug

5. Agent 99

6. Stinker Belle

7. Vienna Sausage

8. Furnace Hills Dante

9. Senorita Margarita

10. Trigonometry

What’s the wackiest dog name you ever heard of? What’s the craziest name on this list? 

Image: Flickr/Celine.Q


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