Wannabe Wizards: Harry Potter Fans Dumping Pet Owls

Un-Free Bird

Harry Potter fans are a fiercely loyal lot.

They’d show up days ahead to stand in line for each new book release. They’d dress up like characters from the stories whenever they were heading out to see the latest film adaptation. They’d even plan to grace their unborn children with names like Harry, Hermione, Ron, and even Draco in tribute to their favorite books.

But, of course, some had to take it all a little too far.

Word comes out of the United Kingdom today of a minor epidemic. It seems that hundreds of ‘Potter Heads’ (my idea!) in Harry’s homeland decided at the height of Harry Mania that it was a perfectly reasonable idea to get themselves an owl as a pet.

Just like ol’ Harry did in the books.

But now that the hype has withered, according to a Yahoo! article, they are abandoning their feathered friends in droves.

In fact, Ian Toothill of the North Wales Owl Sanctuary tells the BBC, that over the last ten years, since the Harry Potter took off, they have seen their sanctuary’s numbers triple.  And sadly, “…about 90% of the birds are abandoned “captive-bred” pets.”

This despite the fact that it isn’t very far that one has to search to find solid warnings that owls do not make great pets.

It took me all of eight seconds to type in a Google search for “pet owls” and come up with a very clear and precise statement from the Suffolk Owl Sanctuary in England warning folks that, “….our basic advice to those who may be considering keeping an owl as a pet is – DON’T.”

Yet, there are always a lot of wing-nuts out there who think they have a little more wizard in them than they actually do, huh?

Now, these majestic birds have to pay the higher price.



Article Posted 4 years Ago

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