Watch a Curious Cat React to Seeing Snow for the First Time Ever

ID-10012048Can we all agree that the weather has been ridiculous lately? I know it’s winter and all, but the weather has been colder and more snow-producing than I can recall in years past. There are reports of snowy weather in parts of the south that just don’t usually see snow and I can attest that even in Toronto, Canada — where we’re used to our share of snow — the amount we have laying on the ground now is crazy.

I am used to snow and weird winter conditions and so when I come across stories of towns and cities being shut down because of what I consider a small amount of snow, it takes me off guard. Then I realize how it can be an interesting and sometimes terrifying sight to those places that are not accustomed to the cold, white fluff.

People in the southern states are not the only ones who are experiencing snow for maybe the first time — their pets are too. YouTube user mikegeoo uploaded an adorable video of his cat Sophie who experienced snow for the first time yesterday. The snow-fall seems like a mild spring day to me — but in Alabama, where this video is reported to have been taken, it’s a sight that’s not seen often at all.

You have to watch this cute video of curious Sophie who is not quite sure what to make of this cold, white stuff falling from the sky. It will bring a smile to even the coldest day.

Photo credit: freedigitalphotos
Video credit: mikege00 | YouTube; standard YouTube license

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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