Watch a Toddler Feed a Kitten and Feel All the Cuteness

When you think about how you would describe the internet, I have a feeling four simple words come to mind: kittens, cute kids, and videos.

Why? Because if you’re ever looking to waste time, find something that makes you laugh and laugh, or searching for videos that you can show your kids — kittens and babies make the most perfect and adorable combination.

Take, for instance, this video on YouTube uploaded by FunnyBabies&CutePets. There really is not a whole lot going on in the video and yet, in the few days since it was posted, the video has seen over  100,000 views.


It’s got the two things that make a video appealing to the masses on the internet. Yes, babies and kittens, but this video presents the two subjects doing the most adorable thing: eating. The sweet boy seems to have milk in his cup as he sits at his highchair. His loved kitten sits in front of him waiting for the boy to dip his finger and feed it to him.

The cuteness wins us all over — here, take a look!


Photo credit: screenshot from YouTube
Source: YouTube; standard license agreement 

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