Watch These Cute Dogs Talk …For Real (Video)

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What would your dog say if he could talk?

I swear that one day our Django will talk. She has the “speak” command down pat and when my husband growl talks to her, she growl talks back, but there haven’t been any distinguishable words just yet. Still, sometimes, I know she is trying to tell me something.

I feel as if one day, she is going to settle down next to me on the couch as she does everyday and tell me a story. And I won’t even be surprised. I’ll just think, well, it’s about time.

There are some dogs who already “talk”. And not just the common word either, but entire phrases of love and devotion.

Here is a video montage of a few dogs. They are classic instances of talking dogs caught on camera. Tell us this doesn’t melt your heart or at least make you laugh!

Image: Flickr/heathermohan

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