Watching This Penguin Attempting to Dive Is Exactly Like Watching My Kid’s Swim Class (Video)

Penguin Attempting to Dive Looks *Exactly* Like My Kid at Swim Lessons (Video, via Babble)There’s a reason pools don’t usually allow parents too close to their kids during swim lessons. It’s because we have this tendency to yell instructions (as if there isn’t already a professional swim instructor right there), and/or our kids will actually be whinier, because they’re hoping we’ll rescue them from the horror of getting their whole head wet.

The reality is, they can do it. They can get the tops of their heads wet, they can learn to swim in some semblance of an actual stroke, and they can even jump from the diving board. But it may take them a few tries.

This anxious penguin looks exactly like my kids on their first tries at the diving board. You can just about read his thought process as he’s looking down at the water.


(via: Buzzfeed)

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