‘We Can Bark’ by ‘Maltey Cyrus’: Hilarious Miley Cyrus Dog Parody Goes Viral

We Can Bark by Maltey CyrusIf you’ve seen Miley Cyrus’s new video for ‘We Can’t Stop’, you know it’s a little strange. I hadn’t watched it until I kept hearing teens around me talking about it over and over again. Interesting to say the least.

Since it is generating a buzz, you had to know that the parodies would soon follow, and of course, you haven’t really made a big splash until the dog community has met you with their own.

‘We Can Bark’ by ‘Maltey Cyrus’ is an insanely adorable tribute to the odd video. Going viral with nearly  50,000 views already (and it only shows a one-minute teaser), the video shows pups living it up, and having summer fun, without a care in the world…because they are doggies, they can do what they want.

Check out these lyrics:

I’m a doggy I can do what I want
I’m a puppy I can do what I want
I’m a doggy, I can lick what I want,
bark when I want
roll where I want want

Lil pups n’ hairy doggies everywhere
Paws on a chair like we don’t care
cause we came to jump and run now
we got a terrier goin bow-wow

if you’re on a leash and you wanna roam
can I get a Awr awr
cause we gonna lie on our backs
till our owner brings us some snacks

To get the full effect, first watch the original Miley Cyrus video and then check out Maltey Cyrus below, and tell me which one you prefer.

[videopost src=’’ width=’640′ height=’400′]

Image: YouTube

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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