Weirdest, Wackiest & Wildest Animal Stories of the Week!

This week brought us some pretty wild animal stories.  From cows crashing a party to steal beer to a really, really mean Dolphin down in Louisiana to a kitty showing off their Spiderman like skills.  These animals – some from the farm, some of the home to some from the wilderness prove that truth is often far stranger than fiction.

Check out the five craziest, weirdest and wackiest animal stories of the week right here!

  • Cows Crash Party and Steal Beer 1 of 5
    Cows Crash Party and Steal Beer
    These cows like to party. According to police in Boxford, Massachusetts, a group of roving cows went to a backyard gathering and "bullied the guests for their beer." The police stated after the cattle had started to chase guests away that "the cows had knocked the beer cans over on a table and were lapping up what spilled. He says they even started rooting around the recycled cans for some extra drops."
    Source: ABC News Image Source: Stupid K News
  • Bear Tries to Go to School Graduation 2 of 5
    Bear Tries to Go to School Graduation
    This week there was a certain uninvited guest at the Ramon Garza Elementary School and at the nearby Sierra Middle School graduation in Bakersfield. Not an estranged family member, not a expelled student, but a little black bear. As the bear approached the school, students were rushed back inside the school and officers came to catch the bear. They reportedly hit him with a stun gun, put him on a truck and took him back into the wild.
    Source: USA Today
    Image Source: Type Animals
  • The Mean Dolphin 3 of 5
    The Mean Dolphin
    When one thinks of a dolphin they usually think of a sweet, loving, kind eyed mammal. But like humans they ain't all sweethearts. In Slidell, Louisiana, there is what is being called a "violent" wild dolphin who has reportedly lived in the canals since 2005 and has over the years become more aggressive. A teenage boy was recently bit by the dolphin as he leaned over a boat to wash his hands in the water. And he is reportedly just one of several victims of the biting dolphin in the last couple of weeks.
    Source: Scotsman
    Image Source: WallpaperShdi
  • A Pig on the Lam 4 of 5
    A Pig on the Lam
    A pig was on the run from the police on a highway outside of Pittsburgh this week. And if the vision of officers chasing down a swine wasn't odd enough, add in the fact that the pig in question was wearing a scarf and it paints a hilarious picture.
    Source: Global Animal
  • Cat Has Spiderman-Like Powers 5 of 5
    Cat Has Spiderman-Like Powers
    And now for a bit of cat magic for you. This kitty has some serious climbing skills not unlike Spiderman. You have to see it to believe it. Check out the video below.

    Source: Huffington Post



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