What Animals Sound Like in Other Languages

What Animals Sound Like in Other Languages One of the first things my kids learned when they were little were the sounds that animals make. It’s nearly as important to kids as learning their own name, their colors and counting to ten.

Cats say, “meow“.

Dogs say, “woof-woof“.

Pigs say, “oink-oink“.

I will be one of the first to admit that when it comes to languages around the world, I really know nothing about it. I had no idea (though, when I think about it, I am surprised I didn’t realize) that the sounds that cats, dogs and pigs make are not the same around the world. Makes sense because it’s not like the cat, dog or pig are telling us how to say what they say in their own language. Anyhoo, an article that was published on Crittr taught me things I had no idea about (love when that happens) — there are some surprising similarities and some interesting differences in the sounds that well-known animals make in different languages.

Click through to see what other animal noises are in different languages:

Cat sounds in different languages:
French: Miaou (pronounced myou)
Spanish: Miau (pronounced mee-ou)
Japanese: Nyā (pronounced nyaa)
Korean: Yaong (pronounced yawng)

Dog sounds in different languages:
French: Ouaf (still pronounced woof)
Spanish: Guau (pronounced wou)
Chinese: Wāng (pronounced wang)
Korean: meong (pronounced mung)

My favorite differences is the sounds that pigs make — I am still kinda shocked they are so different:

Japanese: BÅ«bÅ« (pronounced boo boo)
Danish: Øf (pronounced oof)
Swedish: Nöff Nöff (pronounced nuhf nuhf)
Russian: Khryu (pronounced heh-roo)

Click through to Crittr to see how other animals sound around the world!

:: did you know there were language differences in the sounds that our common animals make? ::

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