What Does the Fox Say? Adorable Fox Talks to Rescuer

So what does the fox actually say? In this video, you will see Dawn the fox react in an incredibly cute manner when she sees one of the people at her rescue center. Dawn is a tame fox that cannot be returned to the wild. When she was young, she was mistaken for a dog and taken to a canine rescue center, and by the time it was realized that she was a fox, it was too late to release her into the wild. Her rescue center specifically notes that Dawn is not a pet, and they do not recommend keeping a fox or other wild animal as a pet. You can see another adorable video of Dawn at that the Nuneaton and Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary YouTube Page.

Oh, and according to Popular Science, foxes have a wide variety of vocalizations, the same way that your own dog might. They are particularly known to bark, howl, and chatter. They also apparently wag their tails, as you will see from the video. It is super cute!

Featured image photo credit: Digital Primate

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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