What Happens When Dogs Kiss for the First Time is Magic, Not Awkward

dogsIf you’ve been on the internet any time over the past two days, I bet you’ve seen that viral video turned clothing ad with 20 gorgeous strangers who are filmed kissing each other just moments after they met.

In three days, the video has raked in over 40 million views and my opinion seems to be in the minority. I didn’t think it was magic until it was revealed they were models and actors (hence the ridiculous good-looking people) and it was a clever ad for a clothing line. That was the magic behind it — getting so many views in such a short time for something we had no idea was actually an ad.

Given the way the Internet works, it’s no wonder parodies of this viral video have been popping up everywhere in just a few days. People looking to one up the magic, catch some of the viral views of the first kiss, and some are better done than others.

Well, what happens when you ask dogs who have never met before to kiss for the first time? It’s actual magic and not really creepy like the video this is parodied after.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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