When Your Dog Has An Extreme Reaction To Vaccinations

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Is it worth it to put your dog at risk for a law?

It’s widely known that many parents simply refuse to vaccinate their children. Whether they cite religious issues or medical reactions as the cause, parents can legally refuse to vaccinate their child. But pet owners technically can’t. After all, it is the law to have your dog vaccinated… for rabies, for example.

If you don’t vaccinate your dogs, they may not be allowed at many grooming and training establishments. Even worse, if your dog bites someone or another dog, and you don’t have him vaccinated, the city shelter may be possibly take him away from you. Some vets even report unvaccinated dogs.

But what happens if your dog has a severe reaction to the mandatory shots?

“If the owner does vaccinate his dog again, he could possibly die.”

One pet owner in Washington is wondering what he can do since his state just passed a rabies law that allows for no exemptions. His dog had a life threatening reaction to his first rabies vaccine. He reached out to the Tribune Media Services, who in turn consulted one of the world’s experts on vaccinations for pets, Dr. Ron Schultz, professor and chair of the Department of Pathobiological Sciences at the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine, Madison.

Unfortunately, the news was dismal. Schultz advised that if the owner does vaccinate his dog again, the pup could possibly die, and “while giving a steroid to your dog 24 hours before the vaccine, or an antihistamine an hour or so prior to the vaccine may prevent the adverse reaction, it might not help. There’s absolutely no dependable way to prevent these reactions in some dogs.”

Schultz says if it were his dog, he would not vaccinate and I agree. I couldn’t willingly put my dog through a life-threatening situation just in case he/she might bite someone one day.

What would you do if you  were in that situation? Has your dog ever suffered an extreme reaction to shots?

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