‘Wind In My Ears’ Video Of Dogs Riding In Cars Brings The Happy

smallDog lovers, your day is about to be seriously upgraded.

Why? Because you dog folks know that nothing is quite as expressive of pure, unadulterated joy as the face of a dog riding in a car, head stuck out the window, feeling the wind in its ears. And so watching the compilation video below of totally blissed-out pups doing what dogs love to do most is kind of the equivalent of taking a happy pill. A happy pill coated in slobber, but a happy pill nonetheless.

Let it never be said that dogs don’t know how to roll:

[videopost src=’’]


*repeat viewings until you’re grinning like an idiot*

Want even more doggie car-riding bliss? Enjoy these:

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Say, isn’t it time you took that puppy of yours for a ride?

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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