Woman Suing Delta Over Death of Dogs for $4 Million

Could you put a price on the life of your dogs? One woman could and estimated an amount of 1.3 million dollars each. Well, that’s the retribution she is looking for after the death of three of her eleven French bulldogs, who were killed while flying Delta Airlines. What happened?

According to Fox News, Barbara Burgett, a former vet tech from Utah, flew a French bulldog named Hector and ten 4-month-old puppies from Hungary to Salt Lake City with a layover at JFK airport. Back in 2008, she paid $250 per dog to have them transported on “pets first” Delta Air Lines. But in this case, the airline didn’t live up to their claims that they “take the time and care to ensure every animal travels safely and comfortably with our Delta Pet First™ service.” They advertise that “your pet will be treated with the same comfort and care you have come to expect from us.”  But something went wrong.

Ms. Burgett said, “I had never shipped dogs from out of country before,” she said. “[Delta claims to treat pets] as precious cargo. I felt they’d be treated like gold.”  The dogs, which she paid $20,000 for, were reportedly okay when they arrived at JFK but when they arrived in Utah, the older dog Hector had died and the puppies weren’t doing well. Two of them later died. She is suing Delta for $4 million for the wrongful death of the three dogs. And an interesting side note, on Delta’s pet transport page they state that, “Delta will no longer accept pug or snub-nosed dogs or cats as checked baggage for tickets purchased on or after December 13, 2011. We apologize for any inconvenience.”

Do you think $4 million is too much to ask for a situation like this?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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