Will Adopting a Cat Heal My Grieving Cat’s Heart?

Would Adopting a Cat Heal My Grieving Cat's Heart?I think one of the hardest parts since losing my cat Puff has been to watch how it affects his best friend, my other cat Ming-Ming.

He and Puff have been together their entire life, since the day they were born. It was a common sight to see the two of them cuddled up together on the couch, playing together, or helping each other groom.

Since Puff passed away a few weeks ago, I have seen such a big change in Ming-Ming and it’s harder to watch than I anticipated it would be.

He has been a lot more cuddly lately, which is outside his normal behavior. I am sure he misses his cuddle time with Puff and he’s looking for comfort from us. That part of all of this has been nice, that the two of us are getting closer.

He just seems so sad though.

I find him just sitting and staring out the window. He will walk around the house “crying” and meowing, seeming to look for his best friend. I just want to “fix” his broken heart, but if cats grieve like us people do, I know nothing will “force” the process along.

I have been wondering if in a few months if we should adopt another cat maybe an older one or a new kitten so he has someone to talk to again. He’s lived his whole life with a cat companion and I know cats are happier with a friend around. I just worry that they may not get along or that he may feel like we’re replacing Puff or him.

:: After a little while, do you think it would be helpful for us to adopt a cat so Ming-Ming is not alone or will that do more harm than good? ::

Photo credit: © Devan McGuinness


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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