You Can Now Rent a Puppy for $15 an Hour

All the fun of a puppy, with none of the commitment? Sounds almost too good to be true. But Jenna Miller, a student at Brigham Young University, has come up with just such a plan. Ms. Miller devised a way for rescued puppies to gain some valuable socializing, while giving people who might not otherwise have the opportunity, the opportunity to play with pups.

“We’re not allowed to have pets in college and a lot of people miss the interaction, so it was something I wanted to solve,” Ms. Miller, 20, told “Good Morning America.”

Although some animal experts are saying that puppies shouldn’t be rented out, Ms. Miller says that the 11 puppies she has helped rent out have now been placed in permanent homes.

“Our goal is to place the puppies in good homes. We’re taking puppies that would otherwise be sitting in a cage, in a pound,” Ms. Miller said. Renting the puppies helps to “create pet owners, people who thought they’d never have a dog. They rent a puppy, they see how much fun their kids have with it, they see the positive benefits of a dog,” she said.

Bill Berloni, a dog behaviorist from the Humane Society of New York, says that renting puppies can make training harder in the long run. If a dog has too many different role models, the animal will “have problems learning how to attach, they’ll be independent and harder to train,” he told GMA.

On the other hand, a puppy sitting in a cage in the pound probably isn’t developing too many good habits, either.

Watch the GMA full report here. What do you think? Would you rent a puppy?

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