You Did a Great Job! 6 Pets Giving a "High Five"

There is no real reason for these photos except they are cute.

I love seeing pets do things that normally we only see our (human) friends and family members doing. It just makes them seem so much more loveable because they are either actually a lot more like us than I realize, or they are trying to be, which is cute.

I love when they do what they can to put us in a better mood and it’s more fun still when they give us props for the awesome we did that day. Sometimes they are the only ones who noticed and we all need a little “great job” high five once in a while!

Check out 6 pets who give their “high five” seal of approval:

  • You Aced It! 1 of 6
    You Aced It!
    This guy not only was appreciative that you got his dinner, he was sure to let you know.
    Photo hosted on Imgur. used with permission
  • You’re The Best! 2 of 6
    You're The Best!
    A man's best friend for sure. He got a double pound!
    Photo credit _tar0_ on Flickr
  • Way to Go Man! 3 of 6
    Way to Go Man!
    Dogs love to be appreciate too for a job well done.
    Photo credit Nick J Webb on Flickr
  • Gimme Some Here! 4 of 6
    Gimme Some Here!
    He thought you threw that ball farther than you ever have before.
    Photo credit piha nz on Flickr
  • We Make a Great Team 5 of 6
    We Make a Great Team
    Okay, so they are really probably fighting ... but maybe an invisible great job?
    Photo credit Joe Thomissen on Flickr
  • This Deserves a High Ten! 6 of 6
    This Deserves a High Ten!
    Kinda a weird photo, but dude really appreciates what you did.
    Photo credit nikoretro on Flickr

Photo credit:  piha nz /Flickr


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