Your Daily Freak-Out: Sharks Are Falling From the Sky

Silly shark. Golf is for people.

I seriously can’t believe people don’t think golf is dangerous. I mean, those clubs are heavy (at least that’s what the caddies tell me), and you have to really be on the lookout for drunk people driving those golf carts all crazy. Also, sometimes those polo shirts can be really scratchy.

And then there’s the sharks that fall out of the sky onto the course. Which really is the worst kind of hazard a course could offer.

According to the Capistrano Dispatch, a 2-foot shark was found thrashing in the grass near the 12th tee of the San Juan Hills Golf Club in San Juan Capistrano, California.

“It was just wriggling around,” Director of Club Operations Melissa McCormack told the Capistrano Dispatch. “Honestly, this is the weirdest thing that’s happened here.”

A quick-thinking course marshal picked up the shark and drove it to the clubhouse in his golf cart. Cart attendant Bryan Stizer then placed the shark into a bucket filled with water and a bit of salt. He then clocked out for his break to drive the shark to the beach, where he released it into the ocean.

Ms. McCormack theorized that the shark was dropped by a predatory bird, noting that the shark had some puncture wounds and a little bit of blood on it.

Incredibly, the shark survived the entire ordeal.

“I thought he was dead,” Mr. Stizer told the Capistrano Dispatch. “When I dropped him into the water, he just lied their for a few seconds, but then he did a twist and shot off into the water.”

Read the whole story at: The Capistrano Dispatch – Fish Out of the Water Live Shark Found at San Juan Hills Golf Course

(Photo Credit: Melissa McCormack, San Juan Hills Golf Club)

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