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Many of us spend time perusing blogs. We read people’s words and inevitably find a commonality. Bloggers are notably fantastic about divulging the ‘unspeakable’, which gives readers an opportunity to laugh, connect, and commiserate. In fact, blogging has become an acceptable and important part of our society. Bloggers have stories to tell and readers are waiting to be entertained with one click on their keyboard. We all want to know that we are not the only ones up to our chins in laundry and on our hands and knees scrubbing dog pee and Play-Doh out of the carpet. In order to stalk get to know your favorite bloggers a little better, I would like to present the four legged members of their families; their pets!

This Internet world of over-sharing and reaching out has provided people with joy, insight, and sometimes real assistance. Writing is an often difficult task that is creatively and mentally taxing. People have a lot of opinions, and for many (trolls) the Internet seems like the perfect place to unload some negativity. Anyone who puts themselves ‘out there’ is also opening the doors for criticism and judgement. Many of these writers are also juggling families, careers, and managing a household. It can be a lot of pressure. These blogger’s beloved pets (and maybe a glass of Cabernet) are often their only source of non-judgmental refuge. Pets are important for many reasons. First of all, they are great listeners; they almost never talk back or interrupt you. Also, they offer unconditional love; unless they are a cat, then they love you when it’s convenient for them. Pets still want to snuggle with you, even if you have failed to shower… again. Finally, the presence of animals is calming; unless they are my dogs, who tend to bark pretty much incessantly and stink up the house with their toots.


Click Through and Meet Some of Your Favorite Bloggers’ Adorable Pets!

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    Bloggers' Pets
  • Lucy, Leea, and Jackson 2 of 20
    cats collage (1)

    Michelle of You're My Favorite Today provides readers with hilarious life stories and breaking news in entertainment. She is a mom of two daughters and three kittehs. I wonder which one is her favorite today?

     Michelle said, "Our 3 cats, Lucy, Leea and Jackson are truly just extra children, and add all kinds of drama (and joy) to our lives.

    Leea (the fat calico who we lovingly call "Big'un") has diabetes. Twice a day we have to give her insulin injections (which can make planning a vacation a real drag) but is such a sweet friend and is never more than 10' away from me all day long. If a cat can demand too much attention, that's little Lucy (the Tabby). She is always in my face and on my keyboard, is my trusty napping partner and waits for me in bed every night so she can curl up on my chest. You know the kid in preschool who always had to sit in the corner for "not playing appropriately"? That's Jackson (not named after Michael). He's a giant toddler with social problems (constantly biting and jumping on top of the other cats) but is really just a big pussy (literally) and loves to sit on his back on your lap while you watch TV. I'll admit it. We're crazy cat people. And proud of it. "
  • Bandit and Brady Miner 3 of 20
    944285_10151495526161010_1752689007_n (1)

    Julianna Miner writes at Rants From Mommyland. Her words fill her reader's hearts with laughter and joy. Her animals fill her world with that gritty toothed desire to love them and hug them and call them George.

     Julianna said, "Here is my 2 year old Labradog Brady (whose heart is filled with love) and my 16 year old cat Bandit. Bandit's heart is filled with furious anger and an aggressive feeling of overall supremacy. He has the soul of a North Korean dictator but I WUV HIM HE'S SO FLUFFEH. In this picture they are both wearing bow ties made of duck tape and they look amazing. Usually when a cat is in formal wear, you should be suspicious of his motives but in this case, he was just feeling fancy so there's nothing to worry about. By the way, Brady wants you to know that he already loves you and he has a tennis ball right here for you to play with."

  • Daisy 4 of 20
    dose of reality (1)

    Lisa and Ashley write as a duo at The Dose of Reality. Their well-crafted tale and exposes of Pinterest are well-known for making coffee exit through their reader's nostrils. What people don't know is that they have a third, very crucial member of their team.

    Lisa said, "This is Daisy, the grooviest and most stylish member of The Dose of Reality family. Although she started as a humble rescue dog, she quickly rose through the ranks at The Dose of Reality headquarters, and now functions as our personal assistant. No, she may not be the best typist, but she keeps our yards squirrel free. If you've ever tried to write a blog post with a squirrel staring at you, you know how critical this is."

  • Name this cat! 5 of 20

    Bethany Meyers writes at I Love Them the Most When They're Sleeping. She has four boys. FOUR. Let that sink in for a moment. Her family recently adopted a cat.  A female. It's about time. Help her pick a name for Ms. Kitty. Leave your suggestions on her facebook page!

     Bethany said, "Meet Clawdia. Jezebelly Button. Agatha. Rosie. Girl Cat. Catniss. 

    You decide. We certainly can't. She looks sinister, but is an absolute sweetheart. It's nice to have some girl power in this house for a change. 

    Maybe she is Mel B. Or Victoria Beckham. 

    Help, I can't decide!!!!"


  • Edgar Martinez Flory 6 of 20
    Edgar Martinez

    Amy Flory is the writer at Funny is Family. Amy is the mother of two human kids and one fur kid. She writes about life and parenting, and she posts crock pot recipes every Thursday. Amy is funny, as is family.

    Amy said, "Meet Edgar Martinez. He is our eight year old black lab mix, named after the longtime Seattle Mariner baseball player of the same name. Edgar likes long walks on the beach, and anywhere else, really. He loves nothing more than licking my husband's feet, and fetching his tennis ball for hours. On particularly lucky days, a neighborhood cat will poop in our yard, giving Edgar a tasty snack to roll in and then eat.

    "Edgar is our firstborn. He has been with us since he was seven weeks old, and he is our baby, even though he is now sporting a distinguished grey beard. He is way better than my kids at finding people while playing hide-and-seek, and sometimes he's the only one in the house who likes my cooking."


  • Puggy Templeton 7 of 20

    Rita Templeton writes at Fighting Off Frumpy. She has an entire herd of dudes. So many dudes. Her blog is hilarious, honest, and well-written, which is why everyone loves her. This is her pooch. 

    Rita said, "This is Puggy. The name on her tag when she showed up mysteriously at our door two years ago said "Destiny," but our valiant efforts to find her owner proved unsuccessful - so I guess it was her destiny to be a part of our family. Anyway, the kids started calling her Puggy and now she doesn't answer to anything else.

    Puggy's a sweet girl and super-tolerant of the boys' shenanigans. She can hear a crumb drop from across the house, so she also makes an excellent vacuum cleaner. She enjoys snuggling, TV, mooching, and eating toilet paper - so pretty much the same habits as my five-year-old."


  • Sophie and Pluto Gallagher 8 of 20

    Rebecca Gallagher writes at the always entertaining and unfiltered Frugalista Blog. She is a self-proclaimed drama queen and her cat is sitting on a tiara. Coincidence? I think not. These are her precious pets, Sophie and Pluto. They are very shiny and well groomed, as is Frugie.


  • Chauncey Welling 9 of 20

    Robyn Welling is the genius behind Hollow Tree Ventures. She is a mom of five... FIVE...who writes (how does she find time to complete a sentence?) about a variety of topics with her fabulous brand of funny. She is always articulate, relevant, and entertaining. I love that she and her cat share a closeness to the camera lens.

    Robyn said, "This is Chauncey. He enjoys smearing nose prints on our front window, meowing loudly when babies are trying to sleep, and barfing on stairs. He's confident, by which I mean he thinks we won't know he's been sharpening his nails on the couch, despite the fact that our couch looks like it's been riddled with small caliber buckshot. I can tell he loves us because there's often a puddle of cat fur at the foot of our bed when we wake up, even though he's not supposed to be in the bedroom at night (see: loud meowing, above). We're awfully fond of him, too."

  • Biggie Smalls and Tupac 10 of 20
    Jen e sais quoi

    Jen from "Jen" e sais quoi provides constant amusement for the Internet with her rapid fire wit and brilliant word combinations. She has twin boys and recently added two hamsters to the clan.

    Jen said, "This is Biggie Smalls on the left.  He's a lover, not a fighter. This is Tupac on the right.  Tupac is an a**hole, but in his defense, Pimpin ain't easy, yo."


  • Mudge 11 of 20

    Rachael is the comedic genius behind RachRiot. Her facebook status updates regularly provoke literal LOL's. She is a mom of two kids and one bird dog named Mudge. Mudge is well-loved and has a firm grasp of his masculinity, as is evidenced by the photo of him snuggled into pink sheets. 

     Rachael said, "Basically, he is a huge, spotted hummingbird-dog on crack."

  • Robie 12 of 20

    Alicia at NapsHappen captures adorable and hilarious pictures of kids napping. She also has a kitty, who often appears to be irritated with life and all the general nonsense that goes with it.

    Alicia said, "Here is a picture of our cat, Robie (pronounced with a long "O" like a bathrobe). We named her after Cary Grant's cat burglar character in To Catch a Thief, but nobody ever gets the joke. We adopted her from a shelter in the Boston area when she was a year old, and she has suffered haughtily through the addition of both boys to our family. She now spends her days napping in whatever solitude she can find and being generally disdainful of their presence (as you can see in this picture of the youngest boy crashed out nearby!)"

  • Bonnie and Schmoe Shaw 13 of 20

    Nicole Leigh Shaw, Writer, is the master and commander of NinjaMomBlog. Her funny is unstoppable. She has four kids and three pets. Nicole clearly deals with a lot of poop. Unfortunately,the fish didn't get his make his Internet debut. Now we all see how the fish rates.

    Nicole said, "Finn (our fish): Silence, the best thing about owning a fish. That and sushi.

    Poor Schmoe (our bunny): The only thing bunnies breed more than more bunnies is poo. But BUNNY SOFT.  Bonnie (our 12yo dog): She's still pissed that the bunny wasn't intended as a Scooby Snack."
  • Big George Rossow 14 of 20

    Kerry Rossow writes and vlogs at HouseTalkN. Her ability to contort her face is only rivaled by Jim Carrey and myself. Her ability to make people laugh is epic. Her house stalking abilities are enviable. Her dog is so cute that I want to eat him with a spoon.

    Kerry said, "I am one step away from knitting matching sweaters for myself and the dog. The only thing holding me back is that whole knitting thing."

  • Weasely and Granger Floozy 15 of 20
    Not cold anymore (1)

    Marie Brian creates and writes at the Cotton Floozy. She has a unique flair for making funny statements with embroidery floss into art for your home. She also has a knack for writing hilarious sentences with her computer. She is currently teaching her dogs to read, and of course she made their sweaters.

    Marie said, "My dogs names are Weasley and Granger. No, I do not have a "Potter" to complete the set. Does anyone sell a Daniel Radcliffe-faced chew toy? No? Somebody should get on that."


  • Piccolo Gavin 16 of 20
    OhNoa (2)

    Noa Gavin is the brilliant brain behind Oh Noa. She consistently provided readers with hysterical laughter and a plethora of new word combinations, none of which I can type here.  She has, quite possibly, the most adorable dog on the planet. She often helps Noa with her writing.

    Noa's caption for this picture is, "I'm not saying you're not funny. I'm just saying maybe it's time to move on."

    Noa said, "Her name is Piccolo and she's an adopted Dachshund/Italian Greyhound mix (we think)."

  • Dumba$$ Biebel 17 of 20

    Teri Biebel is the force behind Snarkfest. She is sassy, sharp, and of course, snarkastic. She also named her cat Dumba$$, so there's that. She also has dogs, but she didn't send me their pictures, so we all know how they rate. 

     Teri said, "Here is my kitty, Dumba$$, in all her glory. She's a 12 year old female ginger, which I'm told is pretty rare. Most gingers are apparently male. Her birthday is 9/11/01 (yes, she was born that day). Her given name is Cinnamon and she has a long history of doing dumb things. In this picture, she literally got stuck in a drawer. Her curiosity got the best of her when she came upon and open drawer, and once she was inside, she couldn't get out. Naturally, rather than help get her out, like any good pet owner, I grabbed my camera and snapped the picture for posterity. She has been trapped in the refrigerator for 12 hours and survived. Twice. (she's used up at least 5 of her 9 lives). I'm not kidding, she is fascinated by the refrigerator and will jump in there when you're not paying attention. 

    "She terrorizes our two dogs and definitely thinks she is the queen of the house. She's still a pretty healthy kitty for being 12 and I hope she'll live to a ripe old age. Provided she stays out of the refrigerator."
  • Cat Ford 18 of 20
    insane in the mom brain

    Patti Ford writes at Insane in the Mom-Brain. She likes unicorns, Modelo, her family, and being funny. And she is brilliant at funny. And making the most awesome Christmas cards ever.

     Patti said, "We love dogs but dogs are work, and if there's one thing I hate, it's work. So we got a cat. Cat's just do their own thing and you can tell everyone you have a pet so you sound all kinds of responsible and caring and stuff, when in reality you have one because you're too lazy to have a dog. Sure we love her. She's adorable and syrupy sweet. But she's also a total turd, as most cats are. And Target doesn't have a "Pet Portrait Day" for cats, which is very racist or whatever, but makes total sense because dogs will pose with you but cats will claw your eyes out then poop on your dead body. When you want a portrait with your cat you use Photoshop. It's much less scratchy that way."

  • Baxter Burgundy-McLean 19 of 20

    Susan McLean writes about parenting, life, being a woman and all the craziness in between at the Divine Secrets of a Domestic Diva. These pictures of her pooch with her precious child made my entire week. The cuteness is almost unbearable.

    Susan said, " This is Baxter (named after Ron Burgundy's dog).  He's a 1.5yr old Bichon who is pretty sure that he's one of the kids.  Baxter is a dog that's not only compliant, but comfortable enough with himself to sport a pink tutu when his favorite kid-sister requests it.  It's the best way to sip tea & eat dog biscuits after all."

  • Brody and Holly Knepper 20 of 20
    Drink and Swear (1)

    Nicole Knepper is busy entertaining the masses with her blog Moms Who Drink and Swear. She is the unfiltered, hilarious, and loving mom of two spawn and two dachshunds. She also cusses like a sailor, in case you didn't pick that up from her blog title. I love her.

    Nicole said, "Brody and Holly are both rescue pups, but as any family blessed with a great pet will tell you, we feel they rescued us. When we are happy, they celebrate with us, when we are lonely or sad, they comfort us with company and kisses. After our dog Chloe died in November of 2012, I thought Holly would die of loneliness. I contacted Midwest Dachshund Rescue in January of 2013 and drove up to Wisconsin to pick up Brody. He settled in easily and Holly immediately fell in love with him. They are the best of friends. Whether they are watching and chasing squirrels or snuggling up with the kids or each other for a nap, they are always together."


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