Your Holiday Weekend Cute: Puppy Gifs!

Get that ear.

Gifs are one of my favorite products of the internet. Useless and silly, they are nearly always amusing.

But when you mix gifs and puppies?


I hunted all over the web to bring you some of the cutest puppy and gifs out there. Hopefully they will inspire you to run out and adopt your own puppy from a shelter this weekend. (Yes, I always have underhanded motives: *insert evil laugh*.)

  • Bichon Puppy! 1 of 10
    Bichon Puppy!
    ...and he says, "I'm a gonna GET THAT CAMERA!"

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  • Ebony… and Ivory! 2 of 10
    Ebony... and Ivory!
    Living together in perfect harmony.

    As long as you consider "chewing on each other's faces" perfect harmony.

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  • Workout Pups 3 of 10
    Workout Pups
    These corgi pups are all about getting in shape. Having a workout buddy helps, of course.

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  • But I’m so sleepy… 4 of 10
    But I'm so sleepy...

    The butt curl? OMG. *dies*

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  • Naptime 5 of 10
    ... is SO over.

    I think I might need their alarm clock.

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  • How much is that puppy in the mirror… 6 of 10
    How much is that puppy in the mirror...
    I'm a gonna get him! I'm a gonna get him! I'm a gonna get him!

    This time I MEAN IT.

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  • And they call it… 7 of 10
    And they call it...
    Puppy looooooooove.

    Again, *dies*.

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  • Keeping Warm 8 of 10
    Keeping Warm
    And I just LOVE the breeze in mah hair!

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  • Wha???? 9 of 10
    The President said he supported gay marriage? For reals?

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  • White Pug Puppy OMG 10 of 10
    White Pug Puppy OMG
    That finger is his ENEMY. Must ATTACK.

    Meanwhile, I am fully, 100% dead of cuteness now.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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