Your Pajamas Are More Dangerous Than A Pit Bull

I’ve been the proud owner of two different pit bulls for nearly two decades now, and I’ve been fighting the good fight about the crappy (and undeserved) reputation that pit bulls are vicious. All dogs can be violent and attack, regardless of breed but for some reason, most of the blame seems to hang on the poor pit bull.

That’s why I love this new infographic by NerdGraph so very, very much. Not only does it show that, in fact, pit bulls get great scores for behavior (even edging out Golden Retrievers, America’s dog) but that by percentage Rottweilers, Chows, and German Shepherds are ALL more likely to cause a fatal attack than pit bulls (there are just more pit bulls five times more than rottweilers so by sheer number they cause more fatal attacks).

But best of all? This infographic proves that you are more likely to die because of flaming pajamas than a pit bull attack. But that in your perspective pipe and smoke it!

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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