You're "A-OK!" 6 Dogs Giving Their Wink of Approval

You know how when you’re having a bad day, your dog or cat just seems to know the right thing to turn your day happy?

That’s what I love about our furry friends, they are always good for a pick-me-up with the sweet cuddles and genuine affection giving. There are times where they will go out of their way to let you know that you are just the best thing on the planet.

They do that with a cuddle, a kiss, a feisty tail wag or a sweet purr. There are times where our dogs will go an extra mile to let us know that they think we are the best — with a wink! Check out 6 dogs who think you are “a-ok”:

  • It’s Our Secret 1 of 6
    It's Our Secret
    He seems to be wanting to assure that everything is okay.
    Photo credit Jonathon Morgan on Flickr
  • You Are The Best 2 of 6
    You Are The Best
    It's impossible to not smile at this sweet and happy face.
    Photo credit Brambleberries Photography on Flickr
  • I Love You 3 of 6
    I Love You
    He makes me giggle. The ears and wink are too much.
    Photo credit Jeremiah John McBride on Flickr
  • How You Doin’? 4 of 6
    How You Doin'?
    Showing some puppy love with a tilted head and his sweet nose.
    Photo credit â…¯eagan on Flickr
  • Well, Hey There! 5 of 6
    Well, Hey There!
    I swear, it looks like he is smiling!
    Photo credit _tar0_ on Flickr
  • Hello, Friend 6 of 6
    Hello, Friend
    This is cute over-load with all the fluff, the tongue out and that wink.
    Photo credit twodolla on Flickr

Photo credit:  Brambleberries Photography /Flickr


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