1 Kid Isn’t Enough and 3 Is Too Many

Expectant Mother and Her FamilyDidn’t you know?

It is only socially acceptable to have two children.

Apparently, having only one is selfish, and having three or more is irresponsible.

I missed the meeting where we, as a society, came together and decided exactly how many children per household was appropriate.

If you have one kid you’re constantly harassed with THE question: when’re you gonna have a little brother or sister? Because, you know, only children are spoiled and selfish and lonely.

Announce you’re expecting your third and if you’re me, a former Mormon, you face all the Mormon jokes. You can take the girl out of the Mormon church but you can’t take the Mormon out of the girl. Get it? Mormons have lots of kids. Har har har. Which, actually, three kids is a low number for a typical Mormon family. If you aren’t a former Mormon you still get the raised eyebrows and a few people even have the gall to respond to your pregnancy announcement with, “Was it an accident?”

I realize that some people respond this way because, to them, having more than two kids seems stressful and it’s their way of commiserating, but a lot of people also believe that having more than two children is socially irresponsible, espousing opinions about population control in the name of the environment and similar arguments against big families.

Whatever the reason, it’s fascinating how we, as a society, have formed an opinion on the ‘right’ number of kids families should have. Do you think there is a right number? Do you feel like you judge people who have large families? Do you secretly feel bad for only children?

If you’re pregnant, which child will this be for you and did you get any awkward reactions from people?

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