10 Adorable Halloween Costumes for Babies

As sweet as blueberry pie.

Now that pumpkin spice lattes are back on the menu at Starbucks, and in many parts of the country fall weather is blowing in, it’s time to start thinking about that oh-so-important first Halloween costume!

Let’s be honest – dressing up a baby for Halloween is entirely for the benefit of the parents, since no 8 week old is going to be chowing down on tootsie rolls any time soon.  (At least I hope not.)  But that doesn’t stop many new parents from picking out some sort of over-the-top plushy costume and taking 400 pictures for sending to friends and family and pasting into the baby book.

Here are 10 adorable and creative costume ideas for your little one this year…



In no particular order of cuteness…

  • Fuzzy Dinosaur 1 of 10
    Something about this costume is just way too cute to me. Plus I think it could double as a dragon if that is more your thing.
  • Sushi and Soy Sauce 2 of 10
    Okay seriously. This costume alone is enough reason for me to want twins. Sushi and soy sauce - does it get any better?
  • Berry Baby 3 of 10
    Something about babies and fruit is just over-the-top cute to me.
  • Puffy Owl 4 of 10
    I love the big round body of this costume. It makes me want to give this baby a giant Halloween hug!
  • Turquoise Parrot 5 of 10
    Any baby can be a ghost or witch on Halloween, but it takes something a little bit extra to be a turquoise parrot with puffs of pink hair.
  • Banana Baby 6 of 10
    Again with the fruit and babies. I'm sorry, I can't help myself.
  • Pea in A Pod 7 of 10
    Pea pods are such a classic and cute symbol for moms and babies. Why not keep it going post-pregnancy with this adorable costume?
  • Classic Pumpkin 8 of 10
    For more traditional families, you can't go wrong with a classic pumpkin on Halloween. It never gets old!
  • Storybook Caterpillar 9 of 10
    Eric Carle's caterpillar is everywhere this year - bedding, nursery decor, stuffed animals, and more. This costume is such a fun way to celebrate your baby's favorite book!
  • A Slice of Cuteness 10 of 10
    Seriously. A baby blueberry pie. As if the pie wasn't cute enough, the blueberry head piece makes me wish that every day was Halloween.


1.  Baby Puffy Dino Costume – Pottery Barn

2.  Twin Set Kikkoman Bottle & Sushi Set – Etsy

3.  Strawberry Baby Costume – Etsy

4.  Baby Puffy Owl Costume – Pottery Barn

5.  Turquoise Parrot Costume – Etsy

6.  Infant Banana Bunting Costume – Target

7.  Baby Sweet Pea Costume – Pottery Barn

8.  Baby Puffy Pumpkin Costume – Pottery Barn

9.  Eric Carle Caterpillar Bunting Costume – Target

10.  Yummy Pie Baby Costume – Etsy

Which one is your favorite?


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