10 Affordable Accessories That Make Great Stocking-Stuffers

10 Affordable Accessories That Make Great Stocking-StuffersDo you have that countdown started for Christmas yet? It’s less than a month away and the kids are jumping with excitement already.

Typically, we give our kids one large gift and like to fill out the bottom of the tree with smaller gifts and of course, their stockings, which they open up first.

I am nearly done with all the big shopping for my kids, but it’s always the stocking-stuffers that I seem to leave until the last minute. I want to find things that they will love that won’t break the bank — which is easier to do with three kids.

My kids love to dress up and especially for my girls, accessorizing their outfit (and hair) is something they’ve really taken to. Accessories make great stocking-stuffers because they’re small enough to fit, typically don’t cost an arm and a leg, and kids love them.

Click through to see 10 affordable accessories that would make great stocking-stuffers: 

  • Darth Maul Hat 1 of 10
    Darth Maul Hat
    My son is a huge Star Wars fan and this hat is one that he would actually keep on. One of his favorite characters and will keep him warm, bonus for mom!
    Get one of your own to give from Target, $7.99
  • Angry Birds Gloves 2 of 10
    Angry Birds Gloves
    The popularity of Angry Birds can't be ignored and it's much loved by so many kids. These gloves make a great stocking-stuffer that your kid will love.
    Get one of your own to give from Target, $4.79
  • Shaun White Hat 3 of 10
    Shaun White Hat
    Well, it may be tricky to stick in the stocking, but would make a great stocking topper. This hat will have your son styling and won't break the bank.
    Get one of your own to give from Target, $9.99
  • Timex Watch 4 of 10
    Timex Watch
    My kids are at an age where they're very excited to do "grown up things". Having a watch would help them feel more grown and independent.
    Get one of your own to give from Target, $14.98
  • Reversible Belt 5 of 10
    Reversible Belt
    You may think that only girls like to accessorize, but boys love it too. Your son will be styling with this reversible white/red belt and would be perfect for the stocking.
    Get one of your own to give from Target, $5.58-7.99
  • Glitter Strap Watch 6 of 10
    Glitter Strap Watch
    Like I mentioned earlier, kids love watches and this one would be a huge hit with my girls. The blue color plus glitter makes it a great accessory to any outfit.
    Get one of your own to give from Target, $9.99
  • Bright Elastics 7 of 10
    Bright Elastics
    My daughters sport really long hair and are always looking for hair elastics. Stocking up and using them as stocking-stuffers is a great idea.
    Get one of your own to give from Target, $2.25
  • Monster High Hat 8 of 10
    Monster High Hat
    Monster High is huge with my girls right now and I know either (or more likely, both) would love to find this in their stocking.
    Get one of your own to give from Target, $9.99
  • Style Pins from Goody 9 of 10
    Style Pins from Goody
    If you've not tried these style pins, you need to get them. I use them for my older daughter all the time. It keeps her hair up and reduces the tangles.
    Get one of your own to give from Target, $5.89
  • Purple Scarf 10 of 10
    Purple Scarf
    You could fit a few of these in a stocking and give your daughter a few different colors. Affordable and stylish, I know my daughter would love a few of these.
    Get one of your own to give from Target, $7.99

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