10 Amazing Baby Shower Cakes for Girls

One of my long-time hobbies has always been baking, and for whatever reason, I am always drawn to the most elaborate recipes. To be honest, one of my bucket list items is to make a cake for someone’s birthday or other party and have it pass as a professional cake. Even though my fondant skills are still a little, um, awful, I can’t help but find myself constantly looking at pictures of professional cakes.

It’s easy to find examples of awful baby shower cakes, mostly because there are just so many. There are some with slightly disturbing pregnant bellies, some that actually show a baby being born, and others where I cannot imagine wanting to eat it (I have issues with the idea of eating the baby). But I think that sometimes we tend to overlook the other side of baby shower cakes: the really amazing ones.

So today I’ve got 10 gorgeous cakes for a girl’s baby shower to show you. They come from far and wide and are all pretty amazing. Hopefully some of you will be as enchanted by cakes as I am and others might be inspired to order one for a shower.

And come back tomorrow, because I have some cakes for boys that will make you fall over dead with cuteness. But let’s start with the girls…

  • Winnie the Pooh 1 of 10
    So I'm starting with one of my favorites of the bunch. This is perhaps one of the sweetest cakes I've ever seen in my life. the small little Pooh and Piglet and the little bee trails melt my heart. It's just a classic and it's a really well done one to boot.
    Cake and photo by Layers of Love
  • Diaper Bag Cake 2 of 10
    I'll admit to you up front that I know the decorator of this cake, and she is pretty awesome. But regardless of my personal relationship, I love the color scheme and the whimsical design of this one. It almost looks like you could pick it up and carry it on your shoulder.
    Cake and photo by Amber at Sweet on Cake
  • Circus Cake 3 of 10
    I love this one especially for it's non-traditional girly-ness. Don't get me wrong, I love me some pink, and there are plenty of those to come, but I love that this one marches to the beat of a different drum and is really well done.
    The baker is not credited on this one, but the photo can be found at Paper Shop Pink.
  • Girly Cupcakes 4 of 10
    I have a bit of a soft spot for cupcakes and these are just too sweet and delicate to not share. The light pinks and sweet decorations are pretty much perfect for a baby shower.
    Cake and photo by The Cupcake Blog
  • Polka Dots and Stripes 5 of 10
    I am a sucker for a well done fondant bow and this one caught my eye immediately. I also love the clean lines and the color scheme. It's pretty clear that this cake was a labor of love (no pun intended).
    Cake and photo by Walking With Scissors
  • Cherry Blossoms 6 of 10
    This one is just so perfectly delicate and well made that I can't stand it. It's girly without being over-the-top and is an extremely well decorated cake. It's almost too pretty to imagine eating.
    I can't locate the original photo of this cake, but the baker is Carisa's Cakes and the photo can be found at Jannah Steps
  • Pastel Polka Dots 7 of 10
    Few things say babies like pastels. And combining delicate pastels with a big bow, well, you got me. This is another example of a really clean, well made cake. And one that I'd love to be able to make myself.
    Cake and photo by Sweet Cakes by Rebecca
  • Name Cake 8 of 10
    Okay, maybe I'm on a bit of a bow roll. And polka dots. I can't help myself. This one is so whimsical and petite that it's perfect for a little girl. And the work on the lettering is pretty impressive too.
    Cake and photo by Shannon's Creative Cakes
  • Monkeys! 9 of 10
    You will soon learn this, especially with some of tomorrow's cakes, but I have a soft spot for monkeys. And too often they're only reserved for boys, so this cake gets an extra kudos from me. The monkeys with the bows and polka dots? Yep, this is one of my favorites.
    Cake and photo by Cakes by Suzy
  • Buggy Cupcakes 10 of 10
    Yes, another set of cupcakes, but these too were too adorable not to share. I love the texture underneath the decorations. These look so entirely perfect that it's hard to imagine eating them!
    Cake and photo by The Cupcake Blog


Article Posted 7 years Ago

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