10 Autumn and Harvest Inspired Baby Names

10 Autumn and Harvest Inspired Baby NamesThe leaves are changing color and falling off the trees. It’s a gorgeous array of colors, from red to orange to bright yellows and dull browns. I am a big fan of this season. The cooler temperatures just make me happy and sweater season is awesome!

I am not even pregnant yet, but we are big fans of names with meaning and some sort of story behind it. We’re already brainstorming some names to give our baby when the time comes to meet him/her and we’re always on the hunt for fun, creative names. Like I said, I am a big fan of the fall-season and so I have been looking at names for both boys and girls that make me think of autumn.

Some names are literal interpretations of the season and other names may have a different meaning, but they remind me of this time of year.

Click through to read 10 autumn and harvest inspired baby names:

  • Autumn 1 of 10
    One of the most obvious season-inspired name would be Autumn. It's a beautiful name for a girl and was ranked #69 in 2011.
    Source: Nameberry
    Photo credit: Ramón Peco/Flickr
  • Forrest 2 of 10
    When I think of the fall season, my mind nearly always goes to the trees. The name 'Forrest' which means "dweller in the woods" certainly has an autumn feel to it.
    Source: Nameberry
    Photo credit: dtaylorcreative/Flickr
  • Paisley 3 of 10
    When I think of fall I envision warm colors, hot tea and the pattern paisley. A name which means "church" is the pattern that comes to mind when I think to decorate for the fall.
    Source: BabyNames
    Photo credit: Zest-pk/Flickr
  • Wheatley 4 of 10
    Harvest season is when the farmers are busy well, harvesting their crops. Wheatley which means "from the wheat field" certainly has a harvest feel to it.
    Source: BabyNames
    Photo credit: bibliothekarin/Flickr
  • Aurelia 5 of 10
    Such a beautiful name and fit for a beautiful girl. Meaning "gold" this is both autumn and harvest inspired because gold is a signature color of the season.
    Source: Nameberry
    Photo credit: Marcus T Ward/Flickr
  • Orville 6 of 10
    This French name which means "golden city" is perfect for anyone who loves the fall season. A strong name, but was mostly popular back in 1950.
    Source: BabyNames
    Photo credit: gisleh/Flickr
  • Apple 7 of 10
    A non-traditional name that has risen thanks to a celebrity. The apple is a very fall fruit and perfect for a sweet fall-inspired girl name.
    Source: BabyNames
    Photo credit: INABA Tomoaki/Flickr
  • Crispin 8 of 10
    While the name itself means "curly haired" the name brings to mind cold air. The air of autumn is crisp and Crispin is a cute play on that.
    Source: BabyNames
    Photo credit: geraldbrazell/Flickr
  • Ginger 9 of 10
    When I think of the name Ginger, two things come to mind: 1) the spice that's in pumpkin pie and 2) red hair. Both are perfect fits for the fall season.
    Source: Nameberry
    Photo credit: StevenW./Flickr
  • Leif 10 of 10
    One of the early signs that fall is on the way is seen when you look at the trees. The leaves change color making "Leif" a perfect fall-inspired name.
    Source: Nameberry
    Photo credit: INABA Tomoaki/Flickr

Photo credit: adapted from iStockPhoto


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