10 Awesome Pregnancy Apps for iPhones

10 Awesome Pregnancy Apps for iPhones

There’s a lot involved with being pregnant, and sometimes it can feel like we’re on information overload. But there’s no denying that certain information is simply crucial to know — and other information is just plain fun. What better way to keep all the info and fun stuff right at your disposal than with an app … or ten?

When my wife got the new iPhone last week, she immediately became addicted, which isn’t surprising since she’s a tech junkie. I’m too frugal to spring for one until I’m due for my upgrade, but I have to admit that I’ve been having a good time checking out hers. The apps available to help guide you through your pregnancy are just incredible! (I really gotta get me one.) In the meantime, I’ll share 10 of the most awesome pregnancy apps I discovered for iPhones.

Tell me which ones are your favorite! (And if you’re still trying to conceive, you can check out Babble’s own Fertility Tracker!)

  • BabyBump Pro with Baby Names 1 of 10
    BabyBump Pro with Baby Names
    This app includes a countdown until Baby is born, daily info about baby size and development, and it could also help you find the perfect baby name. How great is that?
    Source & Photo Credit: iTunes
  • Fertility Friend Mobile 2 of 10
    Fertility Friend Mobile
    This awesome app tracks your period, charts ovulation, and marks temperature, cervical fluid, and a host of other fertility must-knows.
    Source & Photo Credit: iTunes
  • Pregnancy Progress 3 of 10
    Pregnancy Progress
    Pregnancy Progress lets you log medical appointments, questions, and symptoms. It also allows you to share milestones with family and friends, as well as check out baby calendars.
    Source & Photo Credit: iTunes
  • Pregnancy Tracker from 4 of 10
    Pregnancy Tracker from
    This free app is from the same folks who brought you the pregnancy bible (also know as What to Expect When You're Expecting). If you love the book, you'll love this app. And if you haven't read the book, you'll still love this app.
    Source & Photo Credit: iTunes
  • Labor & Contraction Timer 5 of 10
    Labor & Contraction Timer
    You'll need to track your contractions before you head off to the hospital, and what easier way to do so than by simply hitting a button? This app takes care of the rest, giving you reliable and accurate contraction times.
    Source & Photo Credit: iTunes
  • Foods to Avoid When Pregnant 6 of 10
    Foods to Avoid When Pregnant
    Making sure you don't eat one of the pregnancy no-no foods is crucial to maintaining a healthy pregnancy. This app takes the guesswork out of figuring out what you can and can't eat.
    Source & Photo Credit: iTunes
  • Pregnancy Pregnant 7 of 10
    Pregnancy Pregnant
    Get weekly and daily updates about your pregnancy progress and your little one's development with the Pregnancy Pregnant app. It will also give you images of your baby linked to how far along you are
    Source & Photo Credit: iTunes
  • WomanLog Calendar 8 of 10
    WomanLog Calendar
    This is another fertility-tracking app that charts your menstrual cycle, ovulation, weight, symptoms, and mood. It's a simple way to keep track of your fertility.
    Source & Photo Credit: iTunes
  • Pregnancy ++ 9 of 10
    Pregnancy ++
    This app is created by health care professional and is designed to give you accurate and dependable information about your pregnancy. It's also the most recommended pregnancy app by midwives and OBGYNs.
    Source & Photo Credit: iTunes
  • Woman Calendar 10 of 10
    Woman Calendar
    This app allows you to chart your fertility and basal body temperature to either promote or avoid the chance of getting pregnant, depending on your plan.
    Source & Photo Credit: iTunes

Main Photo: iStockphoto

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