10 Baby Items This Second-Time Mom Would Buy Again

Now that the finish line of my pregnancy is in sight, I’ve started going through my stash of baby stuff to see what I have and what I need to replace. I’m in pretty good shape on big gear like a stroller and bouncy seat (though I do need a crib, as odd as that is for a second time mom). What I’ve discovered is that I’m completely out of newborn clothes and other little baby accessories. The stuff I had either got worn out from being used until my son didn’t need them any more or got handed down to my sister and her two kids completed the wearing out process.

So here I sit, 32 weeks pregnant, owning nothing for a newborn. Ooops.

I’ve been making lists of the things I know for sure I’ll use in those first months of baby-ness based on my experience with my son. Some things are obvious like diapers and onesies and that-there crib I mentioned. Then there are a few favorite products that aren’t staples but that I remember very fondly and want to have on hand again.  Here are ten things that I’m buying again or happily dusting off for Baby Number Two!

  • Summer Infant Swaddle Blankets 1 of 10
    Swaddling my son was the answer to cozy sleep. Some moms can do some hocus-pocus on a basic receiving blanket and turn it into a comfy swaddle that no baby can tear loose. I can't. I tried. Then I got these swaddles with handy velcro tabs. Both my husband and I loved using them and my son loved sleeping in them.
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  • Born Free Bottles 2 of 10
    My son was born just as the distressing findings about BPA were coming to light and the Born Free bottles offered some chemical-free peace of mind. These were great for daycare and I'm going to get new ones for this baby so that my husband can take a few expressed-milk feedings.
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  • Pacifier Clips 3 of 10
    Before I was a parent, I thought pacifier clips looked dumb. Then I realized that trying to reach back into a car seat and hunt around for a dropped binky at a stoplight while the baby sobbed was even dumber. Paci clip FTW!
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  • Hyland’s Teething Tablets 4 of 10
    I was a tremendous skeptic about these homeopathics. I gave them to C and they seemed to help…unless it was the Tylenol or frozen washcloth he was chewing on that really helped. Then I popped a few of these puppies myself after some dental work and BINGO! Mouth pain dropped by about 75% within minutes. I'm a believer!
  • Calfornia Baby Cranky and Overtired Bubble Bath 5 of 10
    My son has eczema so I have always had to be super careful about what products we put on his skin. The California Baby line has been gentle enough for him and the aromatherapy effects really seemed to help chill him out before bed.
    California Baby
  • Ocean Sounds CD 6 of 10
    I picked up a ocean noises CD because at $10, it was cheaper than a white noise machine and provided the same effect. I would just put it on repeat and let it play while the baby slept.
  • Hooded Towels 7 of 10
    There is nothing cuter than a baby bundled up in a soft towel with a little elf hood. Nothing at all.
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  • ERGOBaby Carrier 8 of 10
    I tried a sling and a classic Bjorn before getting my Ergo and I LOVED it. I still have mine but I'm thinking of getting a new one in a lighter color to stay cooler with my summer baby. Look for deals on these at consignment stores!
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  • Trumpette Socks 9 of 10
    Seriously? The adorable of these socks is lethal. Cute that burns. Love them and they stay on better than other socks in my experience.
  • The Ultimate Crib Sheet 10 of 10
    A waterproof (and poop proof) layer between the mattress and the sheet is just good sense. I got these as hand-me-downs from a friend with two kids and they held up well enough that I'm pretty sure I can use them again. If not, I'll replace them for sure.
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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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