10 Baby-Making Mistakes That May Hinder Pregnancy

When the decision to start adding to your family is secure, the journey of trying to conceive begins. For some, they just go with the flow and take things easy and for others they do all they can to make sure they are actively trying.

True, the whole ‘make a baby’ thing seems simple enough. You have sex, you miss your period — you’re pregnant. It’s actually quite a complicated process of fertile windows, cervical mucus, implantation, hormones and for some couples it can be a long road and a big struggle.

If you are trying to conceive and it’s been taking longer then you had hoped or you are just starting the journey and want to make this as quick and easy you can — there are some common mistakes couples make that may be hindering your conception.

Click through for 10 common mistakes you may be making while trying to conceive:

  • Not Having Regular Sex 1 of 10
    Not Having Regular Sex
    You don't need to have sex every day, but if you're not tracking your fertile window, going every other day is a good start. Also, listen to your body -- as a woman you are likely to be more in the 'mood' around ovulation so don't ignore your libido!
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  • Not Knowing Fertile Window 2 of 10
    Not Knowing Fertile Window
    There is only a few day window in your cycle when you are considered fertile. A few days before ovulation and ovulation day. Knowing the 4-5 days for you can help you track where and when you should be for sure having sex.
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  • Not Using Sperm-Friendly Lubricant 3 of 10
    Not Using Sperm-Friendly Lubricant
    Not all lubricant is healthy and friendly to sperm, and sometimes you don't make enough natural lubricant. Choosing one that is sperm-friendly (still allows the sperm to swim through it) can help tremendously. Preseed is one of the best known ones, but you can also try natural ones like olive oil and yes, even egg whites.
    One to try: Pre Seed
  • Mistaking Cervical Mucus 4 of 10
    Mistaking Cervical Mucus
    If you track your cervical mucus (it changes through out your cycle) it can be easy to mistake what fertile mucus feels like. Knowing the difference between wet vs creamy vs egg-white cervical mucus can help you narrow down your fertile window.
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  • Assuming You Ovulate 5 of 10
    Assuming You Ovulate
    Don't assume you ovulate just because you have a regular cycle. It's not always the case which is why it can be helpful to track your fertility through basal body temperatures or cervical mucus checks.
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  • ‘Saving Up Sperm’ 6 of 10
    'Saving Up Sperm'
    There is this myth that if you are trying to conceive you should avoid sex until you're at your fertile window believing you save up the sperm. Truth is, the more sex the better because it helps produce more healthy sperm.
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  • Assuming You’re The ‘Problem’ 7 of 10
    Assuming You're The 'Problem'
    If becoming pregnant has been difficult, we often assume it's our 'fault' -- something wrong with the woman. Before you seek medications and interventions for yourself, it's best to have your partner checked first. He could be the issue and his testing is much easier then yours.
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  • Letting It Become ‘Chore Sex’ 8 of 10
    Letting It Become 'Chore Sex'
    It's hard to keep the spark alive when you're only having sex to have a baby. That gets draining and unsexy after a while and it can be hard to be intimate. Try to keep things interesting and spice things up when/if needed.
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  • Using the Same Ol’ Position 9 of 10
    Using the Same Ol' Position
    Many believe that missionary is the best position to conceive. Truth -- any position works and sperm is strong. Don't limit yourself to one or two positions, it will help keep the spark alive to try any and every way.
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  • Only Having Sex On Ovulation Day 10 of 10
    Only Having Sex On Ovulation Day
    You're fertile window is larger then just ovulation day and if you wait until then, you're cutting off a large window. The fertile window can be as big as 3-5 days before ovulation, ovulation day and you should cover 1-3 days after just to hit all the marks.
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